… and while only about a third of the trees around the Tidal Basin were fully-bloomed, I did my best to capture what was there so far this season!

I wanted to go ahead and share these photos with all of you, because not only was yesterday a beautiful spring day, but I might not make it down to the Tidal Basin again before the very short Cherry Blossom Season is over. Besides, I’m not sure I’m ready to brave those crowds again. I should have known (this is where I ignored Jeff’s recommendations) what I was in for, but for some reason I went there hoping everyone else had forgotten about the festival and the amazingly warm weather. I was a little wrong on that prediction (not that I’m admitting Jeff’s right or anything ;)).

I shouldn’t complain too much, the National Mall is stunning and yesterday was no exception.

On that note, I’ll stop talking and let the pictures tell the rest…Cherry Blossoms 2013 1Cherry Blossoms 2013 4Cherry Blossoms 2013 5Cherry Blossoms 2013 6Cherry Blossoms 2013 7Cherry Blossoms 2013 8Cherry Blossoms 2013 10Cherry Blossoms 2013 11Cherry Blossoms 2013 12Cherry Blossoms 2013 13If you find yourself in D.C. over the next week or two make sure to stop and see the Cherry Blossoms. Don’t let my complaining about the crowds discourage you. 🙂


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