in case anyone out there is interested. You’re all still out there, right?

Don’t worry, they’re mostly of Kelly, because lets face it, we all know she’s the cutest.

While Christmas was wonderful, as usual, we were down a few in the Rebori household (I’m looking at you Shannon, Austin and Jeff!) so, it was a little quieter than years past. Well as quiet as you can get with my other older sister Jenny and I’s loud voices, or so we’ve been told. 😉

Christmas Day 2013 1Somehow we all managed to have a great time opening our presents, enjoying each others company, and complimenting Kelly on her new cowboy boots and teeny-bopper magazines. (I’m still looking for the pictures of NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, but apparently that’s not what the kids are into these days.)

Chrismas Day 2013 3 Christmas Day 2013 5Christmas Day 2013 6^^So it looks like I did manage to get a picture of someone other than Kelly.^^

Christmas Day 2013 4^^I’m telling you folks, a hug like that is the best gift of all.^^

That is until she photobombs all the standard “hold your stocking” photos!

Christmas Day 2013 9If it was anyone else… 🙂

Chrismas Day 2013 7^^Oh, and last but not least, we moved onto my mom’s famous monkey bread (I’m telling you, it really is the best), because there’s nothing like a carb and sugar-filled breakfast to get us ready for the big Christmas dinner later in the day!^^

If you need me the month of January, I’ll be at the gym. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! Thank you for letting me share tidbits of our Christmas morning.

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