and by back, I mean we’re finally starting some home renovations again. Did you forget we were doing those? Oh funny, I think we did too.

First up on the 2014 agenda, the living room!

Living Room Before 2 small Living Room Before 1 small

If you’re looking at this ‘before’ picture and thinking to yourself, “but Anamarie it doesn’t really look that bad, why bother?” Well, you’d be thinking the same thing as Jeff. 😉 Just kidding, he just loves this stuff.

No but seriously, much like many of the walls in other rooms of this older home, the living room walls needed some love. Jeff had first painted the room when he moved in almost four years ago, but hadn’t really touched the walls or trim since. Also, and it’s not because the paint colors were bad, but given it’s such a small room I thought painting over the maroon/red wall might make it feel just a teeny bit bigger. That was my selling point to Jeff. Jury’s still out on whether he does in fact think the room looks bigger.

So this past Saturday we headed to Home Depot for the first time in months to look at paint colors and chose three different sample cans to take home and test out on the walls.

Home Depot Selfie^^Word to the wise, maybe don’t take a selfie in the home depot self-checkout camera when your significant other is not in a great mood and the place is crowded.^^

Living Room Paint Samples Small Living Room Paint Samples 2 Small^^I know, I know these choices aren’t exactly the most exciting. I’ve never been one to live on the edge when it comes to paint choices.^^

Shockingly, we went with the lightest – some would argue most boring – color known as Chocolate Froth. It just says, “warm and inviting” to me. Since it will also be the new color for the hallways and kitchen we needed to make sure it went well with the cabinets.

Jeff ended up spending most of Saturday spray texturing the wall as he’s done here and here. I would’ve helped, but someone had to watch/nap with the dogs. Besides, Sunday we both got to work painting. And painting we did.

Until we got to this point…

Living Room After 1_edited-5Living Room After 2_edited-3^^Here’s where we left it for the week. It may look boring now, but give us next weekend to touch it up and start decorating before you make any final judgements!^^

Also, anyone out there willing to back me up on my claim that the room looks MUCH bigger?

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