the living room, wedding planning, dog training, you name it. Well, mostly just the living room.

I won’t bore you with a ton of details, because there’s not too many to give, but we did manage to finish touching up the paint and start decorating.

Living Room Curtains SmallYou know it’s a sad state of affairs when Jeff would rather paint than go decor shopping. I don’t think he enjoys getting into the details of every frame and candleholder like I do. I just can’t understand why. 😉

Ironing Curtains Small^^I love a man who can iron. That’s future husband material right there. 😉 ^^

Hanging Shelves SmallSo far, we’ve hung curtains and a few shelves, but we’ve still got ways to go my friends. Unfortunately, painting the trim is one of those to-do list items we’ve been putting off. I’m hoping next weekend we can make another large dent in the progress. Here’s where we’re at for now:

Living Room Midway 1Living Room Midway 2_edited-1As always, thanks for checking-in!

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