and by “there,” I mean finished. Though as I’ve learned in the world of home renovations, nothing’s ever really finished. Probably not the best thing for an a-type personality like myself. I mean, not that Jeff’s ever made any snarky remarks or anything. 😉

Today, I thought I’d check-in with all of you and give you the latest scoop on the living room transformation (of sorts).

Here’s how far we’ve come…

Living Room Progress 1 small

Living Room Progress 2 small

Here’s a little reminder of where we began

Living Room Before 2 small

And here’s where I last updated you on our progress…

Living Room Midway 1

It’s mainly decor additions at this point (my favorite part of the process), and maybe the part where I tend to go a little overboard. If I had it my way, there would probably be more than a few photos of the pups, but it’s a good thing I have Jeff to rein me in.

Living Room Progress 4 small

Living Room Progress 5 small

^^Why, hello there!^^

I’m still in the process of finding and arranging decor and photos for both walls of shelves, so as of now things are in a preliminary place, but I have no doubt I’ll be making some changes. In fact, I bought all the brown frames before we made any decisions about the living room, and now I’m already looking to mix that wall up a little.

As soon as it’s all in order, I’ll share a closer look at everything we chose to use. (Try not to lose any sleep while you wait in anticipation 🙂 )

Living Room Progress 3 smallIn the meantime, let me know if you have any suggestions. New ideas welcome!

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