I know, I know, it’s a rough life over here. It’s all in the name of informing the public.

CR 2014 7 smallI’ve been meaning to write this post for over week, but I think a small part of me thought you all might judge me if I kept posting pictures of us drinking wine, so I held off to put some time between this post and the one from a few weeks ago. But then again, this is a judgement free zone, right?

You may remember that we have a standing-date with some of our good friends for a little “couples retreat” of sorts, but since we’re not able to make it work this summer (thanks to two of them leaving us for The Big Apple) we moved our date up a few months. Obviously, it’s a little cold to swim in the lake, so we traded in our swimsuits (thankfully, still working on that wedding diet) for wine glasses and hit up a local winery for an afternoon of cheese, cured meats, and probably too much vino. Oh and this year, we added a few more people and a cute baby, expect Miss Addie held off on the whole wine-drinking part. 😉

I love all these people oh-so-much, and that’s not just the wine talking.

CR 2014 2 small^^Remember this sweet little one? She’s been featured on here a time or two.^^

CR 2014 9 small^^My future husband (!) with a baby, it makes my heart melt. ^^

CR 2014 1 Small^^We don’t want to intimidate anyone, but we’re basically models.^^

CR 2014 16 small

^^So, maybe we’re not all models… 🙂 ^^

CR 2014 15 small

CR 2014 8 small

CR 2014 4 small

^^These two are tying the knot this year – at a winery no less – and we couldn’t be more excited for them.^^

Okay, I think I got a chance to showcase all my adorable friends with the exception of Brandon, who somehow made it through the whole weekend without a photo! I’m still not quite sure how that happened.

Couples Retreat 2014Before I let you go, I thought I’d let you all know the winery we went to is Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, Virginia. This is a place we love to visit when we’re near Lake Anna. I highly recommend you stop by if you’re in the area. It’s another beautiful winery with a great tasting room!

And alas, it’s back to home renovations this weekend. By telling you all in advance, I feel like I’m holding us accountable to do some work around the house. I’ll keep you posted!

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