Cherry Blossoms 2014 1… here in our nation’s capital and it is beautiful! Much like last year, I dragged Jeff down to the Jefferson Memorial/ Tidal Basin area to snap a few pics of the beauties that are the cherry blossoms, and they looked the best I’ve ever seen them.

Only this year, we decided to ditch the whole idea of driving (lord knows there would be no parking), or metro’ing (way too many people on one train!), and instead walk from Arlington, Va. to the National Mall. We were feeling up for a little adventure and exercise. Not to mention, we’re still trying to get in wedding shape! Walking to Cherry BlossomsWe didn’t really plan out our walk in advance, so what we thought was a direct route actually meant crossing a few traffic lanes and walking through some darker tunnels, but nonetheless we made it (with minimal arguing about which way to go) safe and sound. And besides, we got to see all of this: Cherry Blossoms 2014 2 Cherry Blossoms 2014 5 Cherry Blossoms 2014 4^^Disclaimer: I don’t know the women with the camera in the photo I snapped, but I just loved that there were cherry blossoms all around her. How pretty is that?^^ Cherry Blossoms 2014 10 Cherry Blossoms 2014 6 MLK Jr Memorial web^^Last, but certainly not least, we stopped by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to catch a glimpse of a memorial neither of us had seen. It’s really something.^^

According to the news, it sounds like we caught the blossoms on the perfect weekend. Thanks to some high winds and storms, they won’t be sticking around for long. If you’re not in the area, I can only hope the pictures do them some justice!

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