well you know me, I couldn’t help but reflect on our sweet (and often times grumpy) Cosmo’s seven years on this earth.

Have I lost my mind for dedicating a whole blog post to this? Probably, but hey, stranger things have happened. 🙂 And yes, in the interest of full-disclosure, I may not have even liked animals seven years ago – let alone love them – but a lot can change in that time! And I mainly have him to thank.

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^^When I first met Cosmo wayyy back in 2010 he had a lot less grey hair, and a lot more energy. (This was the first photo I ever took of him. I’m crying a little now.)^^

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And then the natural aging process took over. ^^In fact, I’d say this photo accurately represents his daily activities (I might look like that from time to time too).^^

Though to his credit he is turning 49 years-old if we’re going off dog years.

While I definitely find his general grumpy(er) attitude toward life endearing…

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turns out he’s also jovial and just all-around sweet most of the time.

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^^In this particular instance, someone had escaped through a hole in the fence at the lake, so naturally he was in a good mood running wild and free.^^


^^He’s also been known to make a good head rest, or…

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^^foot rest. It all depends on who you ask.^^

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But mostly I think he just wants a little love once and a while, and maybe some more sleep.

Happy 7th/49th birthday!

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1 Comment on Because it’s #TBT & someone’s birthday over here…

  1. Shannon
    May 1, 2014 at 10:44 pm (4 years ago)

    Happy Birthday Cosmo – Love Your Cousin Olive!


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