I should probably start by clarifying for those of you who weren’t jamming out to the Millennium CD on your Walkman in 1999 that BSB = The Backstreet Boys. Trust me, you’ll hear more about them later in this post.

When I last left you, we still had two days ahead of us in Vegas, and let me tell you they were two fun-filled days – which I spent a week recovering from. I think I might be getting old.

Bellagio FountainsAfter parting ways with Jeff, and the rest of the group I traveled with, I met up with one of my best friends from college – who’s tying the knot in a few short months. But before she does, we wanted to treat this special gal to a fun-filled ‘last hurrah’ (though, not really. You still have fun when you’re married, right? Right? 😉 ) in the city ready-made for bachelor/bachelorette parties!

And don’t worry, I kept all bachelorette party antics in this post PG (13ish). 🙂

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^^What better way to kick-off the weekend than a pool (with a view, I might add) and a refreshing cocktail? That 100+ degree heat is something else.^^

After our pool time, the day/evening was just beginning. And you know how women are, we take a little extra time to get all dressed-up, before we’re ready for our close-up…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset^^Okay, so maybe we weren’t ready for our close-up on the first take.^^

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^^Much better. Because, yes, we were sorority girls in college.^^

But as previously mentioned, in order to keep this PG, I’ll just go ahead and skip to the next day. Don’t worry, all we did was have a few glasses of wine and go to bed. You didn’t miss a thing. 😉

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Cesears Palace Pool

^^Besides, Saturday morning – Coffee, selfies in elevators, and pool time – was far more interesting!^^

I even got a little time to pop over to the MGM Grand and celebrate this beautiful bride-to-be too!

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I’d say I’m one lucky lady to get to celebrate two great gals in the same weekend. If only I could’ve been in two places at once the whole time.

But alas, it was back to Cesears Palace to get all beautiful for…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetThe Backstreet Boys!! I mean, I put on make-up just for them…

Backstreet Boys Concert - Vegas

And it was worth it. But if the concert wasn’t amazing or nostalgic enough (party like it’s 1999? anyone?), the night wouldn’t have been complete without the official BSB after party! Yep, we were those girls and I’m not ashamed. Not one bit.

Backstreet Boys After Party

You wouldn’t be either if you got to be that close to such dreamboats, while sipping on a little Moet Chandon (err, I mean, Moey Chamben).

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Sadly – though not so much for my stamina – the next morning it was time to head to the airport and catch our flight back home.

Leaving Las Vegas

Oh Vegas, you were fun, but a weekend was more than enough.

Brb, still catching up on sleep.

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