err, I mean woman.

Living Room Mirrors 1Although, I should probably give you a head’s up that this post isn’t really about me “changing my ways” – lord knows I could devote many posts to that – but rather, about adding a few new mirrors to our living room. You know, the one we started decorating in January.

So what was originally the burgundy(ish) accent wall in the living room ended up staying blank for many months thanks to my indecisiveness. However…this past weekend I found mirrors at good ol’ Target I think will work!

Living Room Mirrors 2^^Jeff wanted photos on the wall, but I’ve always been a firm believer we need mirrors there. Anything to make our teeny, tiny living room look just a little bit bigger. As you can see, we went with mirrors, but (!) that’s not to say I “won” the argument, more like I just had a stronger opinion that won Jeff over. That’s all. 😉 ^^

I wish I could say we measured everything in a methodical manner before we started putting holes in the wall, but not so much. Thankfully, I have Jeff – who knows what he’s doing.

Comparing the ‘before’ (like way before), and ‘after’ shots, I’d say overall I’m pleased with the update! Have a look for your self.

Living Room Before and After 4⇓ Or there’s this angle to give you another look at the wall/room. ⇓

Living Room Before and After 2

^^What do you all (or y’all) think? I think I like them, but still be open to suggestions!^

Also, I’m still on a never-ending quest to get the perfect frames and trinkets for the shelves, so as soon as I feel like those are nearly complete I’ll share a close-up look with all of you.

⇓ In the meantime, I’m gonna go back to creeping on Cosmo through the mirrors. ⇓

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