shall we? But first, can I mildly panic that our wedding is ONE-MONTH from today? Someone save me! 🙂

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So in honor of #ThrowbackThursday and the big day just a month away, I thought I’d dedicate a special little post to some of the older days of Jeff and Anamarie. Longgggg before we had this little blog.

Indulge me as I take you on a trip down memory lane…

First photo together^^In fact, shortly after we met, I forced Jeff to stop and pose for our first-ever photo on a walk one day. Little did he know how many photos I’d make him take over the years. Poor guy.^^

So much so, I had a difficult time going through all the photos for this post. But don’t you worry, I dug some of my favorites out of the ol’ archives (sidenote: favorites do not necessarily mean flattering).

76574_574493583431_778808_nDSCN2521^^Including our first trip to a Virginia winery, and as you’ve seen over the years, something we only moderately enjoy.^^

DSCN2551^^And when Jeff graciously offered to put together my new “grown-up” furniture from Ikea in the tiny room I was renting at the time. Jeff building furniture – another, “little did he know” moment…^^

DSCN2775 DSCN3220 DSCN3302^^Or how he apparently brain-washed me into becoming a sportz fan. Go Nats, Cowboys (boo Redskins), Hokies…see what I mean?^^

But don’t fret, as payback I’ve subjected him to many vacations/trips (long-hours in a car with me!), including a week with my family in Alabama.

IMG_0554^^What? You don’t normally eat bread bowls the size of your head?^^

IMG_2142^^Jeff: If you take one more photo I might lose it.^^

IMG_2203 (1)↓And the obligatory couple’s costume on our first Halloween.↓

DSCN3363^^Children of the 90’s, you totally get it, right?^^

↓But most importantly, the time I publicly embarrassed him in front of his friends during heated game of arm-wrestling.↓

2012-06-09 00.11.24Okay, so maybe I didn’t embarrass him or even win, but I’d like to think I did.

Regardless, I love looking back on the fun we’ve had so far! Now, to just get back to all that wedding stuff…

IMG_1046 (1)In the meantime, peace out. Just kidding. I’m not that cool.

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