and as expected, I don’t like it as much as weddings and honeymoons.

This morning we woke-up to the sound of those trusty alarm clocks for the first time in two weeks to find Jeff’s car wouldn’t start. Like completely dead. And if I’m thinking correctly, that’s not going to be a free fix.

Yesterday, well yesterday was consumed by, six, yes SIX loads of laundry and a Target (it turns the dogs still needed to eat and the house cleaned) and grocery store run.

And to think, this was our view Saturday…↓

Puerto Ricoplus a few of these in hand all week.↓

Rum Punchand the week before that…↓

Wedding Reception 1

just a little ol’ wedding to celebrate.

But, alas it’s back to the “real world,” and I have so much to tell you about here on this tiny internet space of mine. So, while I promise to try not to go overboard with wedding and honeymoon posts (keyword: try), I’m certainly looking forward to recapping these last two weeks with all of you!

Stay tuned, but don’t lose too much sleep while you wait for the next post. 😉


2 Comments on Reality bites…

  1. sara
    October 22, 2014 at 8:34 pm (3 years ago)

    Such a fun wedding! Welcome back to reality. It isn’t too bad here 🙂


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