but also (if you follow me on Instagram you already know this), a touch on the hot side. And by “a touch” I mean I only complained about the heat approximately 1,578,093 times. Just ask Jeff, he’ll gladly confirm that number for you.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIn all seriousness, lets talk about a few things I loved about this charming city the two (short!) days we visited while on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

Sidenote: I’m doing our whole wedding/honeymoon posts in no particular order. So while I can’t wait to share more photos from the wedding, it will be a little longer before our professional photos are done. Trust me, the anticipation for a photo-lover like myself is hard to handle!  

First, lets chat about the architecture, bright paint colors, and those balconies! Swoon.

Old San Juan

Streets of San Juan^^There might be ocean views all around, but these aren’t bad to look at either. In fact, I think I’ll take one. Jeff and I can move our home renovations to the Caribbean!^^

Secondly, the historic forts that not only offer loads of history lessons, but pretty spectacular views too.

Old San Juan 6 Old San Juan 3 Old San Juan 20Before our trip we heard that stopping at both the Castillo San Cristobal & Castillo San Felipe del Morro was a must, but it wasn’t till we got there that we realized how much we appreciated these national sites. 

Forts of San Juan

They definitely don’t lack areas to explore!↓

Old San Juan 10 Old San Juan 12If I had only one complaint (just one, I promise) it’s that there is truly no lack for sunlight. Meaning, I was a sweaty mess. But hey, we’re all friends here, so I can say things like that.

Old San Juan 4Jeff, my patient and caring husband(!), would get a little annoyed when I’d make him stop at various points throughout each Fort to take in any and all of the ocean breeze I could get, while also strategically hiding that Irish skin of mine. But hey, he looks like a model with the breeze flowing through his hair, right? So it could be worse.↓

Old San Juan 23Meanwhile, I’ve got freckles for days and hair that looks like, I don’t even know what…

Old San Juan 22Okay, sorry that took a turn for the worst. The history there really is something else.

Now back on track…

Because lastly, and equally as important, the coffee and cuisine.

Marmalade San JuanI’d done a little research heading into our trip about places to eat in San Juan and I kept seeing Marmalade pop-up as a top choice. So, I decided Jeff and I needed to treat ourselves to a “fancier” meal while on our honeymoon and wow, am I glad I did. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best meals I’ve eaten.

Marmalade San Juan^^That white bean soup (photo on the left), was one the chef described as “even the angry Yelp’ers like.” It really is that good. And those paella bites didn’t lack for flavor either. Still dreaming about both.^^

But you know what, the indulgences didn’t stop there.

Coffee Shop of San JuanAside from the coffee being delicious, and a little stronger than I’m used to, the coffee shops themselves are full of character and charm. If you ever find yourselves in San Juan, we happened to stop at these shops and loved them: Cafe Cuatro Sombras (pictured top left), Cafeteria Mallorca (bottom left. that sweet bread!) and Cafe Poetico (bottom right).

Exhausted from all my ramblings about a tropical paradise? Oh my friends, there’s still one more honeymoon post to go and you’re not gonna want to miss it. 🙂 Until then.

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