New York City 1

I guess it was more like a New York 26-hours, but a quick trip nonetheless! And if you can’t tell, a very rainy one at that.

Though even a little rain couldn’t dampen our wedding dress shopping day. And no, I wasn’t looking for another dress (one wedding was enough), instead we went shopping for this pretty lady. ↓

Amanda and Casey^^You might remember Amanda and Casey by now, they’ve made a few appearances on this blog before.^^

I’m certainly glad she asked me to go shopping, because I was pretty excited to kick-off the dress shopping experience at Kleinfelds. When in Rome … or more like, when in New York and looking for a wedding dress.↓

Kleinfelds 1I won’t even tell you how many epsiodes of Say Yes to the Dress Amanda and I have watched together over the years. And as you can imagine, I was a giddy tourist the whole time. It wasn’t embarrassing or anything.

Though despite the shop being beautiful, the consultant extremely helpful, and an amazing selection of dresses, Amanda had her eye on a dress at another store that ended up being the one. I won’t give away any details, except to say it’s gorgeous. 🙂

But after all that shopping folks, we needed caffeine and sugar.

New York City 4And as luck would have it Amanda lives a short block away from Zabar’s (picture on the left). Fresh roasted beans to take home? Yes, please. That with a side of nostalgia for one of my favorite scenes in my one of my favorite romantic comedies.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, I tried a delicious pour-over from another coffee shop nearby. I can see why they love Irving Farm (picture on the right) so much. It was the kick I needed to make it through dinner and a much-anticipated dessert. I know, life is rough.

Momofuku Milk Bar^^Because lets just take a moment to realize I was not leaving New York this time without trying Momofuku Milk Bar.^^

Cereal Milk ice cream (pictured), b’day cake truffles, and one cornflake marshmallow cookie later, and I was good to go. I consumed them in no particular order, and don’t worry, not all at once. I do have a husband to take treats to now!

And sure enough, as I boarded my train back to D.C. the next morning to take Jeff those treats the sun was shining and the city was looking awfully pretty. ↓

New York City 3Such is life. Until next time New York!

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