Wedding 82… which for many reasons was probably my favorite part of the day (though I swear, I really loved it all), but I’m guessing this is you’re favorite because it means I’m almost done with all these wedding posts. Don’t get too excited … yet. When I said “almost” I meant there might be one or two more things up my sleeve.

In the meantime, allow me to show you some highlights from that little party we hardly spent any time planning. 😉

First, lets talk about all those logistical details. Wedding 46 with changeBut I must start by singing the praises of our friend Grace, who came to my rescue with her excellent penmanship and knack for chalkboard writing. Case in point, that beautiful seating chart (chalkboard made by that handy husband of mine) and this drink menu, which I’m thinking I would have needed at least a year to do myself. Not Grace. It took her a week … ↓ Wedding 57… in addition to finishing our dinner and dessert menus too. I keep telling her she needs to start her own business.

Sidenote: Barrel Oak Winery has also made a few appearances on our blog. We love it so much we wanted to share it with our guests. 

And remember those centerpieces we worked on (what am I saying, of course you do 😉 ) Wedding 83Wedding 85Overall – and I might be biased – I think they ended up coming together quite nicely. We paired together the painted whisky bottles with eucalyptus, the frosted glass candleholders, and wine bottles with our personal monogram and wood table numbers. We also used gray table runners, which we rented for the evening.

If I had to do the decor over again, I would likely make the centerpieces a tad bigger. We were trying not to go overboard, but I think given the size of the room it might have been better to have a little more height on each centerpiece. But, that’s just my two cents.

Now to get to that dessert … Wedding 56 Wedding 58Wedding 55… we all know that’s the best part. And in our case, it was two of our favorite sweet treats – donuts and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (I did marry a Texan after all), with a few added toppings. What’s a little more sugar on top of your ice cream?

But, we didn’t do away with a traditional cake entirely … Wedding 54… how else were the two most well-liked members of the Rebori-Simmons household going to make their appearance? And yes, that’s a remote control in Piper’s mouth, because her love affair with DirecTV remotes is something I can’t explain.

Finally (I know, I know), let’s talk about the entertainment portion of the evening.

This part of the post is brought to you by my mom and her bottle of Baileys.  Wedding 80With additional assistance from my dad and those giant green glasses.  wedding 60So, let’s start with our best man Ben (married to chalkboard-writer-extraordinaire Grace) and the very funny speech he gave where he let the crowd in on an embarrassing moment that happened to him a short while earlier.

See, in an attempt to teach the maid-of-honor – my sister Shannon – a dance (I think it’s referred to as the pop, lock, and drop it? i’m not hip with the lingo) before their entrance into the reception, this happened … Wedding 62…and although Jeff and I were there to witness the pant-splitting mishap in-person, you can imagine how we looked when he proudly showed everyone. ↓ Wedding 63Oh Ben.

Shannon followed that with a lovely speech that DID NOT involve split pants. Wedding 64Cheers you two! We love you both! Wedding 65Then we let our guests in on what is becoming a Clifford family (my mom’s big ol’ Irish side) tradition. Wedding 66 Wedding 67Because my sweet cousin Maggie and her two sisters, who sadly couldn’t make it, are excellent Irish dancers and when they performed at my cousin’s wedding last year, I knew I had to steal the idea for myself.

But then I made the crucial mistake of letting all of us ‘less-skilled’ dancers take to the dance floor immediately following Maggie’s performance.

Case in point. ↓ Wedding 68Thank goodness for the choreographed magic of The Electric Slide. That’s a dance I can and will do proudly. Wedding 74In all seriousness, we had the most amazing time. Wedding 59 Wedding 73 Wedding 78 Wedding 77 Wedding 79Wedding 75Sidenote: my mom and her NINE siblings. Remember that big ol’ Irish family I was talking about? Wedding 71I have a feeling our day wouldn’t have been the same without these two women. ↓ They’re something else.

Thank you again to everyone who shared in our celebration for making this day … Wedding 76… truly the best!

P.S. Missed parts 1 and 2 of my wedding recap? You can get all caught up here and here.

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