… well, at least the saddle that is home renovations. Did you forget we had a little ol’ home to fix-up? Funny, I think we did too.

Hallway Renovation 5I’m not gonna lie, we used the wedding as an excuse NOT to do renovations for far too long, but last week we decided to face reality and tackle our first big project. Ready for it? One of the four stairways in our tiny, yet tall home!

Hallway Renovation 4Hallway Renovation 9Hallway Renovation 7Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s not that exciting, and I get it. But if I’ve learned anything these past few years it’s that even the “less sexy” projects need to get done too.

I hope in looking at the photos above (sorry about the less-than-superb quality!) that you can tell our stairway leading to our bathroom and bedroom is in need of some love. The walls are uneven and blotchy (is that a term for walls?), the doors old – some with a few holes – and those door knobs and light fixtures, still a lovely yellow gold. Hello there 1990s!

Hallway Renovation 6_editedSo over Thanksgiving weekend, we (though really just Jeff) got to work replacing three doors and all the doorknobs for the new and existing doors. Jeff also started repairing some of the old, less-even door frames.

Hallway Renovation 8And while I don’t have any drastic “before and after” shots to show you just yet, we did get the ball rolling. Next we plan to texture the walls, as we’ve done in other rooms, and do a lot of painting! Then my favorite part – hanging photos. I’m sure you’ll see some wedding and honeymoon pictures in the mix.

Wish us luck, because painting is just not any fun, especially with it’s penchant to cause an argument or two. I mean the very few times we argue, that is. 😉

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