Displaying Wedding Hashtag Photos

… I like to think of it as a modern-day twist on keeping all those photos from the disposable cameras people used to set on every table.

Remember that trusty hashtag #morethanaveragelove you all not only helped us think of, but then chose from all our creative finalists? Well, I’m happy to report it got a lot of use during our entire wedding (that event I hardly ever talk about) weekend.

It might have helped that I posted the hashtag all over the place, from the wedding welcome bags at the hotel, to basically every table at the reception – no, I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.

The best part though, searching the hashtag on Instagram and finding all our friends shenanigans from the rehearsal and wedding, or… sitting in a nail salon in pajamas. Case in point. ↓

Wedding HashtagSo when the wedding was over and we were left with many fun, great photos that our family and friends had captured of this amazing time, I wanted to find a way to display some of them in our home. I would have framed them all, but you know, my husband holding a bouquet is really one I could do without.

Thus entered the idea for a collage print to hang in the very hallway we just started renovating. And this is where I turned to tinyprints and their custom metal prints to create the collage I wanted for our house.

tinyprints metal printBut it didn’t end there.

Wedding Hashtag Frame 3 Wedding Hashtag Frame 6Because as you all know, a project in our house usually involves that handy husband of mine. Except this time, he’s the one who came up with the idea to create a wood frame for our new print. Since the metal print is much more durable than a glossy photo and doesn’t need a glass front, it made his job much easier.

Oh, and not only did he make the frame, but once again, he used the homemade stain he used on the table numbers for our wedding. And like all his work, I think it turned out quite lovely (biased? no.).

Wedding Hashtag Frame 7 Wedding Hashtag Frame 8^^Sidenote: one of the best parts about hanging the print? It comes with brackets on the back and a handy little cheat sheet that helps you know where to hammer the nails in the wall.^^

Just like that the print was hanging on our wall for all to see! Such a fun memento of all those who helped share in and capture the celebration.

Wedding Hashtag Frame 9Once we get the trim and painting done in the hallway, I’ll show you just how it fits in with the whole look. Hopefully that won’t be too long, but lets be honest, these renovations are never quick. Send help!

P.S. We didn’t walk you through a step-by-step process for making the frame, but as always, if you have any questions let me know and I’ll gladly pass them onto Jeff! He won’t mind. 😉

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