… and I think they were starting to resent the fact they were no longer the main stars of the show .. er, I mean on this little blog and a cake topper here and there. But have no fear, I used our Saturday in the sun (see what I did there?) to mercilessly follow them around the yard, while simultaneously taking photos of Jeff and his handy work.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I only got three semi-acceptable photos, but lets be honest, they’re not the easiest of subjects. I assure you though, Jeff getting annoyed with my constant “Cosmo, Piper look this way” had nothing to do with our shortened photo session. Nothing.

Piper and Cosmo December 2014^^Keep in mind that I consider this an acceptable photo, despite Piper forcing her older, grumpier brother to love her. Family, am I right?^^

Piper December 2014 Cosmo December 2014^^This old man, when he smiles his big toothy smile it makes my heart go pitter-patter.^^

Despite this post, I feel like I fell off the picture-taking bandwagon with these two (Anamarie, you sure about that one?), so I’m vowing to do a better job this next year. Just be ready. 🙂 You know, because the hundreds, maybe thousands of photos I already have surely aren’t enough.

[Insert crazy dog mom joke here.]

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