… when even the most mundane of home improvements make you happy. Stairway Renovation 10Last weekend – somewhat begrudgingly – we got back to work on that stairway of ours. The one in need of some major love.

Now what I’m about to show you may not look like the coolest thing in the world, but …

Disclaimer: The color/quality of these photos is less than superb. One of these days I’ll get the lighting perfect. Stairway Renovation 9… Jeff replaced the small access door and surrounding trim to the attic and let me tell you, it looks so much better! ↓ Stairway RenovationAnd you wanna know the real kicker? The door now has a latch, meaning we can actually use it for storage! See what I mean about the whole “you know you’re an adult when…” thing?

But the fun didn’t stop there folks. Stairway Renovation 12 Stairway Renovation 11Because years of old paint isn’t going to remove itself. Am I right?

And lets be honest, if the task was left up to me that paint would have stayed clear through the apocalypse.

Thankfully though, that husband of mine got to work and looked mighty fine doing so. Am I right, or am I right? 😉 Stairway Renovation 13Okay, I’ll stop (for now) before I embarrass him any further, but hopefully I’ll be back with more home renovation updates very soon – barring extreme laziness.

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