Month: March 2015

A Saturday with Sunshine, say what (!)…

| Raising pups...

… Vitamin D, it does a person good. ↑ Hey girl, hey! ↑

This past weekend, our little crew decided to bask in the Spring sun, while trying to get a little work done around the yard … … some might’ve worked harder than others, but really, who’s keeping keeping score?

Except Piper, who’s like, “yep, I’m helping. This stick wasn’t going to move itself.” And Pearl … … when the bag of topsoil is 3x your size, you’re basically there for moral support.

But not when it comes to keeping up with the “big dogs” – the little lady has no fear. Don’t worry – this photo might look like they’re fighting, but I promise, it’s just how they play. Only love in this household. At least according to Piper and her totally convincing look. ↓ Although, contrary to popular belief (a belief I might be responsible for), the day wasn’t all about the dogs, because when the yard work was done that husband of mine grilled up a very delicious dinner (grilled cabbage, who knew?)! And the ladies of the house (myself included) we’re first in line to the feast. Thanks mother nature for a lovely Saturday. We’ll take a few more of those!

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Wine time (wait, isn’t that every day?)…

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… as in that time of year when two of my good friends from college (now great friends with Jeff too!) come down from New York to trek out to a few Virginia wineries. You’ve probably noticed they’re a common theme around here. How could they not be … ↓ Deleplane Cellars 1… especially with those views. Though, I will testify that the wine isn’t too shabby either. 🙂

In the interest of keeping our annual (five years and counting) tradition alive, we headed out to the Delaplane, Virginia area – there are several wineries within a few miles of each other – to try out a few wineries. Except this year, we stuck to what we know – both wineries we’d been to before. And first on the docket, Delaplane Cellars (their tasting room is pictured above and it’s lovely). Deleplane Cellars 3
But, because we’re serious creatures of habit, we did as we always do and ended our day at Barrel Oak Winery with just a little cheese in tow. As the years have passed, we’ve really stepped our cheese game. Barrel Oak 1 Not only do we stop by Barrel Oak every year, but Jeff and I may or may not belong to their monthly wine club. Because folks, it’s all in the name of maturing our palates. Oh, and to top it all off, we offered their wine to our guests on our big day! So yeah, I’m guessing you get the point, or at the very least want me to stop talking now … … you’re in luck, because I’ll end this post by saying that weekends like these remind me just how lucky we are to meet and maintain such strong friendships in our life (that is if that photo of me above doesn’t scare them away for good) .

The miles and years may separate us, but it’s traditions like this that friendship train a movin’. Thankfully.


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