… Vitamin D, it does a person good. ↑ Hey girl, hey! ↑

This past weekend, our little crew decided to bask in the Spring sun, while trying to get a little work done around the yard … … some might’ve worked harder than others, but really, who’s keeping keeping score?

Except Piper, who’s like, “yep, I’m helping. This stick wasn’t going to move itself.” And Pearl … … when the bag of topsoil is 3x your size, you’re basically there for moral support.

But not when it comes to keeping up with the “big dogs” – the little lady has no fear. Don’t worry – this photo might look like they’re fighting, but I promise, it’s just how they play. Only love in this household. At least according to Piper and her totally convincing look. ↓ Although, contrary to popular belief (a belief I might be responsible for), the day wasn’t all about the dogs, because when the yard work was done that husband of mine grilled up a very delicious dinner (grilled cabbage, who knew?)! And the ladies of the house (myself included) we’re first in line to the feast. Thanks mother nature for a lovely Saturday. We’ll take a few more of those!

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