… well, not quite prime time, but that dreaded stairway of ours is ready for a good primer. And you thought this post was going to be thrilling, didn’t you? Paint PrimerWe all know mundane painting is a favorite past time in the Rebori/Simmons household. NOT.

Alas, it needed to be done. ↓ Paint Primer 2And while my wonderful, sweet (a few compliments never hurt anyone) husband was hard at work on the trim and the doors, I decided to offer some moral support. Paint Primer 3A job I’d like to think I excel at – that and listening to your husband when he tells you not to lean against the freshly painted bannister. ↓  2015-04-18 14.10.36-1Thankfully said husband and Goo Off were there to save the day.

I’m telling you if you need to get paint out of your clothes, this stuff works like a charm (not a paid advertisement, just telling you what I know. 🙂 ). Getting Paint of ClothesAfter that little diversion, Jeff (I decided to stay out of his way) got back to work priming away. The end.

Just kidding (sorta).

Because I’m aware that this post isn’t the most riveting, I’m not letting you leave empty-handed! Say what?

I thought I’d clue you in on a little trick Jeff uses when he paints the trim near our carpet. Per usual he lays down a plastic sheet, but additionally he’ll cut a small paper plate in half and then cut the two corners diagonally to create a homemade carpet paint shieldPainting Hack 2As simple as it looks.

See, it’s not everyday you learn a DIY trick for a product you probably never knew you needed.

As always, happy to help!

And guess what folks? The fun is resuming this weekend when we start to texture and paint the walls. I’ll be back with minute-by-minute updates. 😉

P.S. All photos taken with my phone and edited with Fotograf and VSCOcam

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