… the story of our old, charming, mostly-lovable house.

Good news though, I’m happy to announce we had a very productive weekend with that ol’ stairway of ours. We will finish it one day, we said … stairway renovation halfway 1If you have a finely-tuned memory, you may remember – like a few other rooms in our our home – this stairway has some older, slightly-blemished walls, and thus in need of a little texturing.

As a quick refresher, that entails Jeff using a mixture of drywall compound and paint (our color of choice was Behr Chocolate Froth – same as the living room) in a spray texture gun to cover the ceiling and walls. Stairway Wall Texture It’s a messy venture my friends.

Also, that spray gun is loud and poor little Pearl, she was all, “someone make it stop before we all get hurt.” Pearl April 2015Like applying a little make-up, it helps cover signs of aging (see the wall, not Pearl). ↓ Textured Stairway WallBut since Jeff was able to finish the texturing on Saturday (I hate a good work ethic), it meant Sunday I couldn’t use the “let me help by staying out of the way” excuse. It was time to pick up a paint brush. Painting Stairway - Copy Painting Stairway 2No need for staged smiles when you’re having a blast. 😉

We spent almost our entire Sunday painting, but we managed to finish all of the walls -rendering us exhausted … … even the ones who didn’t help paint.

Next up this weekend: painting the ceiling, trim and doors. And if you’re lucky, a good “before and after” comparison.

P.S. I’ve been lazy and haven’t busted out the nice camera in a while, so all photos taken with my phone and edited with Fotograf and VSCOcam.

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