… the record pertaining to the management of our fickle yard.

He specifically asked me to tell you that the photos I posted a few weeks ago of our little family enjoying a Saturday in the sun are not an accurate representation of how our yard looks today. Fair enough. Because in between our stairway makeover, Jeff has been working hard to get the yard back to a healthy state.

In fact, whenever we look at our yard we always talk about how we wish we had true “before” photos – let me tell you (I might’ve already mentioned this), that grass of ours is a tricky animal … that’s coming from two people with three dogs. :\

I did manage to rummage through my old photos to see what I could find, and although I don’t have any from when Jeff moved into the house, I was able to find some from the past couple Spring seasons. We’re still not quite there in terms of getting the grass and plants to grow (don’t mind the weeds), but it turns out, we’ve come a long way! Yard ProgressionAm I right?

In fact, I think I needed to go through these photos for my own cathartic reasons. When you stare at your old home day in and day out, you easily lose sight of all the progress you’ve made.

We’ll get it perfect one day (not really). In terms of a longer to-do list, we still hope to re-do the fence and possibly the front patio. One day…

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