… door frames that is. Hold onto your hats kids, this is a wild one. hallway door frames 4When I last talked about our stairway (I swear, we’ll find a new project one day), I mentioned our door frames were, well, less than average height perfect. But since I can pretty much file this post under, “one only my mom will love” I’ll go ahead and make this quick. hallway door frames 1 hallway door frames 3Much of the old trim on the bathroom, master bedroom (I’m being generous calling it that) and linen closet doors were past the point of a fresh coat of paint – not to mention out-of-square (Jeff tells me that’s the technical term) – and needed to be removed completely. The new doors, which we replaced a few months ago, also needed to be cut down to fit properly. As my husband in all his infinite wisdom says, “it’s the perks of an old home.”

Thankfully, since that wise man of mine can pretty much fix anything, I’m happy to report that our door frames are looking quite nice these days. In fact, I’ll just let the shocking “before and after” photos do the talking. ↓ stairway door frame 7 before stairway door frames 7 afterShocked? I knew it. 😉

So in all honestly, the bedroom door frame isn’t quite perfect … hallway door frames 8… but is anything every really perfect? How boring would that be?

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