… just living a jet-setting life over here. 😉 Flying over ChicagoSo while my husband was working away, I headed west to see family and friends and celebrate two beautiful weddings. I think I like this arrangement we’ve got going.

Visits to Des Moines (for all your east-coasters, that’s in Iowa) and Kansas City, it doesn’t get more glamorous than that. 🙂

First up, the ol’ college stomping ground. Drake (not the rapper), how I’ve missed you. Drake University Old Main 2 Drake University Old Main 1 Delta Gamma Drake UniversityRemember our anchor-themed bathroom? This (↑) is where my love comes from – ΔΓ.

Especially, when I get to celebrate with my sorority sisters (I don’t even care if I sound sappy) at a beautiful wedding, with personal notes for each guest! ↓ Personal Notes to each Weddng Guest Des Moines Emma Downtown Des MoinesDes Moines, you’re a charmer.

If you ever get the chance, you should definitely visit. I have plenty of recommendations to give you. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot a model like I did. 😉

But alas it was back to D.C. for the week, before I was off to Kansas City, where the two cutest humans were there to greet me! Ari June 2015 Reagan June 2015Seriously, could they be any cuter? Doubtful.

However, since they’re not quite ready to dance (lets get them walking first), we had to leave them behind when it was time to head to our big Irish-catholic family wedding. Family june 2015 Irish Dancing Wedding Cousin DancingComplete with lots of Irish dancing, or in some people’s case, an attempt at dancing.

Two very fun-filled weekends, now time for a little rest! 🙂

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