wine and cheese wedding shower 11… yes, please! Thankfully, the bride and groom also share my love for a little vino.

Last weekend, I hosted – with the help of two other bridesmaids – a “wine & cheese” wedding shower for my good friend Amanda, and her fiance Casey (you might recognize them).

Now, I love a good theme, but since my ideas (thanks Pinterest) don’t always translate to cute decorations, I enlisted additional help from chalkboard-writer extraordinaire Grace!

Allow me to give you a tour … Wine List wine and cheese wedding shower - dispalyIn the above photos:

All the chalkboards were made by Grace, of course.

The cute advice cards (↑) came from Wedding Paper Divas, because who doesn’t need a few words of wisdom from old pros on what marriage is all about? .

Eight months in, Jeff and I definitely know what we’re doing. 😉 wine and cheese wedding shower 8 wine bottle centerpiecesIn the above photos: The “Amanda & Casey” banner was made by Grace (shocker, i know).

The re-purposed wine bottles were filled with Peruvian lilies, and in place of traditional wine bottle labels, I used double-sided gift tags from Wedding Paper Divas. It was simple – we put two tags – one of each side – tied with ribbon around the neck of the bottle!

The framed quotes, that was the work of one of the co-hosts – she asked the couple in advance to talk about their significant other and what they love most about him/her. She put the quotes in small frames and placed them throughout the room. Simple, but an added personal touch!

Now for the good stuff (finally, I know) … wine and cheese wedding shower - drink station wedding paper divas napkins and coastersIn terms of wine, we served one white, one Rosé and three red options. If I had to do it again, I might cut one of the reds in favor of another white wine. It was very hot out that day. And, since not everyone is a wine drinker (how is that possible?) we had a variety of beer handy!

The bar area was complete with personalized napkins and coasters –  you know, just in case you forgot just who we were celebrating. 😉 wine and cheese wedding shower - food wine and cheese shower - cookiesIn terms of food, we offered a traditional spread of cheese, crackers, cured meats, fruits and vegetables.

Also, did I mention Grace makes adorable sugar cookies (↑) too? Does it ever end … 😉

And last, because we’re nice friends, we only made them play ONE game (↓), which turned out to be lots of fun! A simple “newlywed(ish)” style game, where they each had to answer questions about each other.

I’m happy to report that they each knew their significant other very well! wine and cheese wedding shower - gameamanda and caseys shower 2Okay, I think I got it all. For the two people still reading (thanks Mom) you’ve made it to the end. One of these days I’ll have a prize waiting for you.

Congrats Amanda and Casey! I look forward to celebrating your wedding soon!


4 Comments on Hosting a themed wedding shower: wine & cheese…

  1. Grace
    June 25, 2015 at 2:04 pm (3 years ago)

    Great pictures, Anamarie! Looks like you put together an awesome shower with your co-hosts. Glad I could be a little part of it. (:

  2. Diana Weber
    June 26, 2015 at 9:27 am (3 years ago)

    I love your articles. They interesting and very well written. I look forward to the next issue.


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