… turns out when you’re an adult, it means a type of lighting. And oddly enough, I might be more excited about this, than I ever was about school recess as a kid.

Because, when you live with this old, ugly (there’s just no better word to describe it) light fixture for more years than you care to admit, you’re very happy to see it go. ↓ Kitchen Recess Lighting 2 Kitchen Recess Lighting 1 Kitchen Recess Lighting 3However, allow me to digress a bit. See, when I first moved in with Jeff, I was certain we’d work on ONE room at a time – completely finish it, while also never having several projects in motion at once. Oh, how I was naive! In fact, this lighting was installed the same day we also moved the light fixture in the stairway.

Not to mention there was once a time I thought (especially after we painted our cabinets TWO years ago), we’d be done with our kitchen ages ago. Nope, we’re sort of just starting (again), with big plans of finishing it in a few months. I say months, because in the name of honesty, it’s going to take us some time. Say you’ll stick around?

Anyway, back to the point of this post – recess lighting in the kitchen, installed by none other than yours truly. Kitchen Recess Lighting 4Just kidding, it was Jeff … of course. Kitchen Recess Lighting 9And because it’s impossible to keep up the allure of perfection ( 😉 ), I’ll clue you in on a little secret … only two of the three lights worked on the first try. Kitchen Recess Lighting 12During the process of re-checking the wiring, my job was to stand by the newly-installed (by my not-professionally-trained electrician husband) lights – while Jeff ran to the basement to switch the circuit breaker on – and yell loudly if I heard or saw any weird “pops or noises.” Totally safe. Miraculously, we both came out alive. And you know what … Kitchen Recess Lighting 10… all three lights eventually turned on!

Afterwards, Jeff patched the holes – a look we’re still living with, for now. Kitchen Recess Lighting 11We have some bigger plans for the kitchen in the coming months and weeks, and while we’d like to paint everything right now – including that ceiling – we’re holding off until we get our ducks in a row. Have no fear, I’ll keep you in the loop as we go!

If only home renovations we’re just full of perfect “before and after” photos, but that wouldn’t be as exciting, right? 🙂

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