… spoiler alert: they are my niece and nephew, so there’s a chance I’m biased.

AandR 5Two weeks ago, Jeff and I were so lucky to get to celebrate their FIRST birthday with the entire family in Missouri. And let me tell you, they are cute and funny as ever. Not to mention they are always (I mean always) on the go … not that I couldn’t keep up or anything. 😉

Especially after getting them to indulge me in a mini photo shoot – and by photo shoot, I mean chasing them around the yard until we were all too hot to stay outside. I’m sure they’ll thank me for it later. 🙂

AandR 4 AandR 3Can we talk about their blue eyes for a second? My goodness!

AandR 6 AandR 8 AandR 10AandR 12AandR 11Seriously, the way they interact with each other is just (you guessed it) adorable. I’m already missing them like crazy and counting down the days until I get to see them again. Which, thankfully for me (hopefully for them too 🙂 ),  is not that long!

ONE, what a fun age.


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  1. sara
    August 10, 2015 at 9:21 am (2 years ago)

    Such great pictures of the cutest one year olds! It was so good to see you at the party!


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