Master Bedroom Before 3… this project kind of came out of the blue for us. We thought we’d decided a long time ago that our bedroom would be the last room we’d get to – simply because it didn’t feel as urgent – but then we found a new bed frame at a good price and that set the wheels in motion!

Here’s how the room looked at the start of our weekend. ↓ Master Bedroom BeforeAnd yes, we had the very best of Ikea (I feel it’s important I mention all furniture was purchased by Jeff prior to ever meeting me. 😉 ), with a dog crate as an accent piece. A decorating masterpiece!

I’m only kidding. It wasn’t all that bad. But, like I said, we found a bed frame we loved and now that we’re married and pretending to be adults, we thought we should give the room a more mature look. As a bonus, we’re transitioning Piper out of her crate, so we were able to get rid of that too!

Sidenote: I have a few bobbleheads and Architecture Lego’s I could sell you. 🙂

If you’re looking for a date idea, clearing out an entire room is a great way to spend your Friday night. I swear. Master Bedroom Renovation 10And as luck would have it , when you’re purging all your old stuff, you find two of the MANY non-working remote controls that were chewed by your puppy, turned slightly better behaved dog. There was a reason our cake topper featured Piper chewing a remote.

By Saturday morning we were ready to start working in the newly-emptied room. And, you know the drill by now … Master Bedroom Renovation… we spent the day covering, taping (Jeff’s favorite part 😉 ), texturing and painting.

By the end of the weekend, the room looked like this. ↓ Master Bedroom Renovation 9 Master Bedroom Renovation 8 Master Bedroom Renovation 7

I know, I know, we love creme walls. But, I promise we also have some color in store for this room!

And no, we didn’t forget to the paint the brown wall. I have a separate post coming your way about what exactly we did with that wall.

Hold onto your hats kids, lots more to share about this room!

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