… it’s not the best it could possibly be, but good news folks, we’re planning to change that very soon! Curb Appeal 2Unless you’ve visited our house in person (you haven’t? you’re welcome any time!), you probably haven’t see the outside of our house – with the exception of our ongoing struggle to get our grass to grow. One day, I tell you!

In all honesty though, we haven’t paid much attention to the curb appeal in the many years we’ve lived (some more than others, so who’s really to blame? 😉 ) here, but given that one day (not yet!) we want to sell our humble abode, we’ve decided to make some larger investments to the overall look of the house. Curb Appeal 3And it’s all starting this week! I can hardly believe it.

Spoiler alert: if the window units didn’t give it away, we don’t have central air. Welcome to the D.C. area real estate scene! 

Here’s a handy little graphic detailing our plans to spiff up the place. ↓ Curb Appeal 1First up, having PROFESSIONALS replace the old, poorly-installed windows. It’s supposed to rain Thursday, so fingers crossed. Curb Appeal 4When Jeff first told me he thought replacing the windows would be a great investment, I was skeptical. It seemed “less sexy” than some of the more obvious changes – paint, for instance – but, I’ve come around. My mom also works in the construction business and reassured me it’s the right move! So when they’re installed, I’ll be back with all the updates.

As for painting the brick – I get it – who wants to paint brick? But these photos don’t do it justice (in a not so great way) – the brick has white paint spots all over it, and while I love the look of brick, it’s time. We haven’t officially decided on a color yet (we might deviate from creme, say what!), but we plan to soon. We’ll likely finish the columns first and then paint, again, with the help of professionals.

However, this could be subject to change … home improvements, am I right?

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