Before and After Kitchen Appliances 2 Kitchen Appliances Before and After 1… who wouldn’t want to come home to new appliances?? ↑

I knew the appliances were being installed while I was out of town (I probably would’ve had a minor heart attack if Jeff ordered those without a head’s up 😉 ) on a 10-day Maine to the Midwest jaunt, but when I got back late Sunday I’d forgotten about the new additions, so it truly felt like a surprise waiting for me at home.

Sidenote: file this one under “you know you’re an adult when” post, because ten years ago new appliances would not have been on my wishlist. Oh … how priorities change. 

And not only do I love them, but they’re almost inspiring me to cook, almost.

These appliances are – as you probably already know – another step in our overall plan to remodel the kitchen, much like the recess lighting Jeff installed earlier this summer … and those cabinets we painted a few short YEARS ago.

Since we’re still in the process of picking out new counter tops and backsplash – it’ll likely be a while before those are installed – I plan to share more updates on our bedroom (you probably already forgot we were working on that room too!) soon. Stay tuned…

P.S. Just giving a little kudos to my husband, who while I was gone, also managed to finish all the trim around our new windows and fix a few other things around the house I’d only sporadically ( 😉 ) complained about.

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