… the same ones we tried to make on our own, way back when, ↓DIY Polished Concrete Countertops 5but ultimately failed at. ↓Broken Countertops 2Since we’re now to the point that we’re working on several big changes to our kitchen – including the recently installed appliances and recess lighting – I thought I would give you a little update on where we are with the countertops, and whether or not we’re going to give the concrete countertops another go.

The short answer is, no.

Like everyone, our lives got busy and after years (it’s been two years since we started the first countertops!) of mulling over another shot at the DIY version, we frankly decided we weren’t going to – nor did we really have the time – to make the countertops.

So folks, we’re taking the easy (sadly, more expensive) way out. Countertops at Home DepotDon’t get me wrong, we love fun DIY projects, but for sanity’s sake I’m very much looking forward to having our new quartz countertops installed!

Sidenote: we’ve already talked about it, and should our next home also need some work, we might just take another stab at the concrete version. Though in the interest of full disclosure – over the course of our time in this house – I’ve told Jeff approximately 1,947 times that I won’t be buying another fixer-upper … I might eat my words one day. Quartz CountertopsWhat do you think? ↑

There wasn’t much method to our madness in terms of choosing quartz over granite; it honestly came down to the fact that the look we liked best happened to be quartz. Real critical thinkers over here.

The order has been placed, so no going back! Wish us luck.

Any experience with quartz? Have you liked or not liked your countertops? I’d be curious to hear your stories!

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