… and wow, did our first year of marriage fly by! A&J-820I won’t go overboard with a mushy, sappy post, but I will say this – the first year of marriage was filled with many great memories. I truly count myself lucky to have a husband like Jeff (I mean, he can cook after all) – not to mention, a best friend to share my life with. Someone who has seen me at my best and worst – lets all be honest, marriage has it’s messy moments – and doesn’t let that shake his love and devotion.

If I’ve learned one thing this past year, it’s that I still have a lot to learn about marriage, relationships and at times, putting your spouse’s needs before your own.

While we’re far from perfect (but really, who is?), we certainly enjoy navigating life together! Happy anniversary Jeff. I love you!

For fun – and because nostalgia kicked in – here’s a few more pictures of our big day.A&J-174 A&J-94A&J-209A&J-234 A&J-485 A&J-58 A&J-427A&J-449A&J-199A&J-144A&J-284A&J-20A&J-170A&J-253A&J-259A&J-352A&J-377A&J-341A&J-338A&J-514A&J-499A&J-551A&J-586A&J-659A&J-654A&J-713A&J-714A&J-690A&J-832A&J-763A&J-775A&J-672A&J-636A&J-678A&J-694A&J-785A&J-791A&J-804A&J-849A&J-813A&J-853


3 Comments on One year…

  1. Grace
    October 11, 2015 at 4:24 pm (2 years ago)

    Happy anniversary! So fun to relive the day with these beautiful pictures! Congrats on making it one year and may you both have many many more!!

  2. Nancy Lamb
    October 12, 2015 at 12:34 pm (2 years ago)

    Such great memories of that lovely event. Thanks for posting.


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