Cosmo and Pearl January 2016… these two and their unwillingness to let the other one have the dog bed to themselves. Oh, and here’s a few other things I found:

  • This show! We started watching it last week and we haven’t stopped.
  • Picked up the hard copy (decided to go old school 😉 ) of this book, and I’m intrigued.
  • You might have already known this, but I’m not so great in the kitchen, so this is one tip I’m ready try!
  • Speaking of not being able to cook, I did manage to whip up this little recipe for dinner earlier this week and it was the perfect cold winter’s night meal.
  • Have you watched this? It made me laugh out loud, literally.
  • As someone who went to school in Iowa, I agree.
  • I’ve always felt this way about candy canes.
  • Like everyone else, my skin gets really dry in the winter, but I’m glad I found this.

Happy hump day! We’re bracing for a blizzard headed our way. Wish us luck!

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