… let me tell you, it was a day (and a half). Blizzard 2016 1These photos (↑) we’re taken approximately (it’s not an exact science!) 24-hours apart – four hours and 28-hours into the blizzard! Lucky for you, I documented the hours in between, because what else was I going to do?!

However, before the storm even started, the grocery stores were the emptiest I’ve ever seen them. How insane is that ↓??Blizzard 2016 10I was sure to get the essentials – aka, wine. 🙂
Blizzard 2016 7Blizzard 2016 6First off, Pearl and this storm were not friends. While she’s generally not a fan of the snow, it turns out that when it’s more than double her size, she’s really not excited about it. Can’t say I blame her. Blizzard 2016 11When I woke up yesterday – albeit, a little later than the average adult – we had sixteen inches of snow and counting. Surprisingly, that wasn’t enough to discourage Piper from hanging out outside.  Blizzard 2016 5And as the day went on, it wasn’t even enough to discourage Jeff and me from getting out to “enjoy” the weather.Blizzard 2016 2 New District Brewing 1As luck would have it, a new brewery opened up walking distance from our house and when they said they were open, we thought “why not?”. The walk there wasn’t “too” bad, but while we were enjoying a beer (or two), the winds started to pick up …Blizzard 2016 8 Blizzard 2016 4 Blizzard 2016 3 Blizzard 2016 12… making for a somewhat treacherous walk home. Lets be be honest, I managed to take several photos, so it couldn’t have been that bad. 🙂 Blizzard 2016 9 Blizzard 2016 13

But when we got home we decided to stay put for the rest of the evening, where it continued to snow, and snow and snow. It’s certainly pretty, but can’t say I’m looking forward to all the digging out that’s in our future!

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