Hanging Shelves… seriously, send me what you got.

Last weekend, in our never-ending quest to put off finishing painting the trim and ceiling in our kitchen, we decided instead to go shopping in search of shelves. Shopping > painting.

I’ll give you one guess where we went? 😉 I don’t know about you, but Jeff and I always say we’re going to branch out from Ikea in an attempt to be more “adultish” – whatever that means – it’s just that when it comes to functional items like shelves, they make it so easy and cheap. And good news, we made it out of there still married. Whew.

We ended up a with a white double shelf that was the perfect fit for the space above this cabinet ↓ (note, that picture was prior to the new paint). Kitchen Midway Renovations 2But now, what to put on those shelves! I already had a few things, like this print, and this one too, but I’m struggling with how to make the shelves decorative and functional. In our tiny kitchen, we need to maximize all the storage space we can.

To start, I put a few things on the shelves – not to mention our coffee cups hanging on the bar beneath the lower shelf – but I plan to live with the new look for a few weeks and sort of rearrange/acquire things as needed.

I know I want the space to serve as a mix of a “coffee bar” and open shelving storage … so, what better place to turn than Pinterest for a little “pinspiration” (super original, I know). Here’s a few looks that caught my eye ↓. Kitchen Shelves Inspiration


Truthfully, I want a combination of all of these. I love the look of white dishes, with pops of greenery. I also want to incorporate clear glass canisters, especially for storing sugar, coffee beans, tea leaves, etc … part of that whole “coffee bar look” I’m going for. And I plan to throw a few frames and prints in the mix.

See anything good I might’ve missed? Send it all my way!

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with the new and improved look!

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