Piper March 2016… I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect to take a twenty-day break, but when I lost all of my images on this little blog last month I ended up spending most of my time restoring posts. Truthfully, I’m still working on this – it’s taken a lot longer than I anticipated – but I’m getting back to work this week, complete with a kitchen update tomorrow!

In the meantime, since I started updating all my posts with the most popular ones first, I’ve quickly learned what people are coming to this site to read and in the past month, here were the top five posts:

  1. Hosting a themed wedding shower: wine and cheese – this one is getting some love on Pinterest too!
  2. Refurbishing a desk in six easy(ish) steps – one of my very first DIY posts.
  3. Tips for hanging peel and stick wallpaper
  4. Creating a DIY palette spice rack
  5. Painting our kitchen cabinets – another old one that reminds me just how far our kitchen transformation has come.

All but one, were home improvement related, I think I’m sensing a theme. 🙂

P.S. if you come across a post where the photos aren’t loading, shoot me a note in the comments section. Thanks!

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