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The not-so-elegant side of spring cleaning…

| Making a house a home...

Spring Cleaning 4… I’ll go ahead and warn you this post isn’t big on the fixer upper “wow factor,” but when you’re constantly doing DIY projects, turns out you accumulate a lot of trash. And while I’m slightly embarrassed to share this with you, it would be unrealistic to say we keep our house picture-worthy at all times.

But last weekend, we finally bit the bullet and cleaned up our backyard patio, namely the spot where we’d previously worked on many of our construction projects – like those failed countertops you can see Jeff throwing away (↑). And yes, that was more than two years ago … yikes. 😐 But don’t worry, this part of our yard is hidden from street view, if that makes it just a tiny bit better. Spring Cleaning 6 Spring Cleaning 5 Spring Cleaning 3 Spring Cleaning 1Alright, so it’s not perfect, but a vast improvement, right?

Our poor yard, I’m convinced we’ll never get the grass to grow. Any tips, send them our way!

FYI, we used a Dumpster Bag from WM, because it was way too much trash to leave with our normal weekly pickup or to dispose of ourselves. When we were done filling it, all we had to do was leave it outside of our house for pickup! Though I will warn you, it does come with a cost. But since you can basically put anything in the bag, except electronics, we took the opportunity to clean out our guest room too. #NotAnAd #JustAHelpfulTip

Is it just me or when you’ve had a productive Sunday like this one, you feel more prepared for the work week ahead … and then Monday comes. 😉

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Kitchen Coffee Bar and Open Shelving …

| Making a house a home...

Kitchen Coffee Bar and Open Shelving… extra storage, an excuse to go shopping for new decor and a little extra personality added to the kitchen, what’s not to love about that? And of course, I have Pinterest to thank, because how else would I have known I needed open shelving in the first place. 🙂

Quick reminder, this is what we started with (↓) before we painted and hung the new shelvesKitchen Midway Renovations 2If it wasn’t obvious, we’ve recently formed somewhat of a coffee and tea obsession (not the cheapest habit), so we wanted the shelves to not only be decorative, but functional. Additionally, we were able to free up some of our (limited) cabinet space by hanging our coffee mugs off the shelves.

Let’s take a closer look at the new decor, shall we?
Kitchen Open Shelves 6 resizedKitchen Opening Shelving Kitchen Open Shelves 1 resizeFirst off, that vintage carafe (↑), I swoon over it daily. I found that and the tarnished creamer on an Instagram shop that curates vintage finds. There Wednesday auctions are not good for my bank account.

The shelves and coffee mug hooks are from Ikea … naturally.

I found both the prints, here and here.

In case you missed it, Jeff painted the tea tins with chalkboard paint – a little DIY tutorial here.

As for the cookbooks, which I use ALL the time 😉 – I finally have a place to display my signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Like many people blog lovers out there, she was the first blog I read religiously.

As for the “Simmons Family Recipes,” sorry folks, that’s one of a kind. 😉

The little green teapot (short and stout) was an Amazon find, here.

Lastly, all the glass canisters, including the one holding the peaches (how could you possibly tell they’re fake?) are from Crate & Barrel. Kitchen Open Shelves 10 resizedI think I got most of our finds, but if you have any other questions, send them my way!


DIY Chalkboard Tea Tins …

| Making a house a home...

… I probably shouldn’t file this one under our list of “super original” ideas, but in keeping with the motto “sharing is caring” I thought I’d let you in on the details of our small DIY project. DIY Chalkboard Tea Tins GuideIn our quest to make the new open shelves in our kitchen both decorative and functional, we decided to add a little DIY touch to the new tea tins we bought. The shelves are partly serving as storage for our little coffee/tea bar (file that under a not-so-original idea found on Pinterest), and we we’re looking for a way label our different teas … which, as many of you probably know by now, chalkboard spray paint is an easy way to do that!

Here’s how we did it:

  • The tins we used are just over four inches tall, so we measured a rectangle area – in the center of the tin – that was 1.75″ x 3″, marking the points as we measured.
  • We covered the entire portion of the tin we didn’t want sprayed with chalkboard paint in blue painters tape.
  • Using chalkboard spray paint, we sprayed the first coat on each tin and then let them sit in the sun (finally a sunny, warm day!) for about 45 minutes, before spraying the second coat. It varies as to what surface or item you’re spraying the paint on, but these particular tins called for two coats.
  • We let the tins dry for another 45 minutes – making sure they were fully dry – before removing the blue painters tape.
  • Lastly, with a utility knife and a dab of Goo Gone, we cleaned up the edges of the painted area. If this step is necessary, be sure to go very slowly when using the utility knife, so you don’t accidentally scrape off more than than needed.

And that’s it folks, the tin was ready to be labeled! I didn’t get overly creative (I’m no Grace) on that step – we’ll likely be changing out the names often – but, I certainly tried to make them look respectable. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions!

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