Wine time (wait, isn’t that every day?)…

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… as in that time of year when two of my good friends from college (now great friends with Jeff too!) come down from New York to trek out to a few Virginia wineries. You’ve probably noticed they’re a common theme around here. How could they not be … ↓ Deleplane Cellars 1… especially with those views. Though, I will testify that the wine isn’t too shabby either. 🙂

In the interest of keeping our annual (five years and counting) tradition alive, we headed out to the Delaplane, Virginia area – there are several wineries within a few miles of each other – to try out a few wineries. Except this year, we stuck to what we know – both wineries we’d been to before. And first on the docket, Delaplane Cellars (their tasting room is pictured above and it’s lovely). Deleplane Cellars 3
But, because we’re serious creatures of habit, we did as we always do and ended our day at Barrel Oak Winery with just a little cheese in tow. As the years have passed, we’ve really stepped our cheese game. Barrel Oak 1 Not only do we stop by Barrel Oak every year, but Jeff and I may or may not belong to their monthly wine club. Because folks, it’s all in the name of maturing our palates. Oh, and to top it all off, we offered their wine to our guests on our big day! So yeah, I’m guessing you get the point, or at the very least want me to stop talking now … … you’re in luck, because I’ll end this post by saying that weekends like these remind me just how lucky we are to meet and maintain such strong friendships in our life (that is if that photo of me above doesn’t scare them away for good) .

The miles and years may separate us, but it’s traditions like this that friendship train a movin’. Thankfully.


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Our Top 14 in 2014…

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Top 14 in 2014… I know, we’re real original with our countdown list over here, but why not relive this great year with all of you. You were a big part of it after all.

Disclaimer: We loved so many moments from this past year and it was very difficult to narrow it down to just fourteen!

So lets start get started, shall we?

14. Working on our wedding centerpieces and seeing them all come together on the big day! It probably goes without saying, but I couldn’t have done it without Jeff … story of my life. How we made the centerpieces, here, here and here.

13. Finally tackling that living room of ours.

I wouldn’t say it’s completely finished (is any home really ever finished?), but it definitely got some major love.

12. Of course those Cherry Blossoms in the spring!

While I tend to think they’re beauty never gets old, Jeff’s already begging me not to brave those crowds again this year. We shall see…

11. Tasting a little Virginia wine (just a little) not one, but two weekends this past winter.

I’ve heard that wine and friends make for the best combination, but again, that’s just what I’ve been told. 😉

10. Soliciting your help with a creative wedding hashtag (you didn’t disappoint) and then having so many of you share such fun photos of our entire celebration! So much so, many of your photos are now proudly on display in our home!

It helps when you have such photogenic friends and family.

9. Vegas, because who doesn’t love a little trip out west.

Especially, when there’s TWO beautiful brides to celebrate and a little ol’ Backstreet Boys concert attend. Not that we’re children of the 90’s or anything.

8. Jeff proving to me that garden work can finally pay off.

If this task were left up to me … well, I don’t even want to think about what it might look like.

7. Celebrating our other beautiful friends and their trips to the alter.

Really, could we be any luckier? Probably not.

6. Showering my oldest sister with love before she welcome two beautiful twins.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed they’re out of the womb (Shannon’s thankful for that part) and I’m obsessed with them. Proud/crazy aunt over here.

5. A certain younger sister of mine’s visit out east this past summer.

We’ll be starting her campaign for Congress very soon. Get out those checkbooks folks.

4. One of my very favorite weekends celebrating my upcoming nuptials with some of the best gals I know!

Virginia Wineries, a spa day, and a little evening out make for such a great time.

3. The rehearsal – well, mainly the dinner – before the big day!!

Family and friends taking the mic can seem like a scary thing, but I must say, it turned out to be very funny.

2. Our escape to the tropical island of Puerto Rico!

Do we get another honeymoon at the six-month mark? I think it should be required.

And finally – without further ado – our top moment of 2014! Something tells me you might’ve guessed this one already … Wedding 441. Tying the knot! What more can I say? (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

It was a great one!

Thanks for sharing in so many of last year’s memorable moments. We appreciate all your love and support!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015.

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Hello Wisconsin(!)…

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Wisconsin 1land of cheese, the Packers (you’ll be reminded of the state’s beloved football team the second you step off the plane 🙂 ), and last weekend my beautiful friend and her stunning wedding!

No, but seriously, the wedding was on Lake Geneva (the reception was literally on the lake) and it turns out the place is really beautiful. Have you ever been there?

Lake GenevaMy friend Alicia – aka The Bride – has always raved about this place and I must say, I can see why she loves it so much.

Eleven Gables Inn

^^I mean, they have little B&B’s right on the lake, with rooms that double as libraries.^^

Alicia's Wedding

^^Bridal suites so cute you want to just move right in. Where else were we going to get all pretty for the big day?^^

Wedding on Lake Geneva^^Of course, a boat fit for a wedding reception!^^

Wedding on Lake Geneva^^Where us sorority gals (I know, I know, judge away) can take a photo four-college-years in the making. When your symbol’s the anchor…^^

Wedding on Lake Geneva 4^^Or, a nice little sunset to enjoy a glass of wine. (We all know that was my favorite part. The wine. Not the sun set. 🙂 )^^

Wedding on Lake Geneva 5

^^Capped off with a moonlight dance.^^

Lake Geneva

^^And last, but not least, a little lounge in an over-sized Adirondack chair at the end of the evening.^^

You’re cute Lake Geneva. Thanks for a fun weekend!

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