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Gallery Wall Tips… I know, we’re super-original with this one. 😉 But, you guys, I’ve been wanting to hang one in our house for awhile – and maybe because we just finished our stairway (basically, we all know there’s always room for touch-ups) and got married (!), now seemed like the right time.

So, indulge me as I offer you unsolicited tips for creating one in your home too. You’re welcome. 🙂

For us, it all started with the blank wall leading up to our bedroom. We choose the side of the wall with more visibility, in case anyone other than us wanted to look at the photos – and I tell you, there will be tens of people. Gallery Wall Before 2Best part about a big, empty wall like this one ↑? It’s the perfect canvas to create a look that works for you and your home. You should certainly feel free to make adjustments as you go, we sure did!

But before we got to work, here are a few tools we had handy:

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Picture hooks
  • Nails
  • Adhesive mounting squares

You’ll likely notice Jeff’s different outfits throughout this post – while it’s his dream to start a men’s fashion blog 😉 – for gallery wall purposes, it’s because we hung all the frames in three separate phases. Why did we do it that way? For us, we’ve found it’s easier to start a project, live with it a few days, and then add, expand and adjust! Gallery Wall 1 (1) Gallery Wall 2 Gallery Wall 4We started with three of the larger frames we’d actually had for awhile – originally thinking we’d use them in our living room, before realizing they weren’t the right fit. We hung the largest frame, which holds an 11×14 print (a wedding present!), in the center of our stairway in a diagonal line. We planned for this print to serve as the main focal point of the wall. From there, we measured two inches at an angle of the frame and then hung one 8×10 frame on either side.

To ensure the frames were spaced evenly, Jeff measured from the hanger on the back of the frame, or where the hanging wire was the highest, and then added two inches in each direction off the adjacent frames. He then marked the spot on the wall with a pencil – easy to erase – where the nail hole needed to go, nailed picture hooks into the wall, hung the frame, and lastly, used a level to ensure the frames hung correctly. The nail holes are very small, so if you need to move a nail, luckily it won’t leave much of any noticeable hole in the wall. Trust us, we know.

The three frames can be found at Ikea, hereGallery Wall 5From there, we packed up shop for the day and decided to live with this simple arrangement for a week or two, before moving onto the next batch of frames we’d been slowly amassing for this purpose. Gallery Wall 8 Gallery Wall 9When we came back to the wall, we had five frames to hang – and again, these we’re all ones we’d collected over the past few months in anticipation of assembling a gallery wall.

So this phase was a little trickier, because unlike last time, the frames were varying sizes and colors. I wish I could tell you we had an elaborate plan for how we laid out the wall, but in all honesty, we merely bounced ideas off each other (never without raising our voices, of course 😉 ), held frames up in different spots, and then adjusted accordingly.

Like last time, all frames were spaced two inches apart, on either side or, or above the center frames. Gallery Wall 12This is where we stopped the second phase of the project, and decided we needed to do a little shopping (if I must) for some additional frames to add to the wall.

The frames in the photo above, can be found at:

  • Shutterfly – they make it simple to customize their ready made frames – with the two white 8×10 frames we were able to incorporate photos from our honeymoon!
  • Target – the two brown 4×6 frames feature a few throwbacks from our younger years, weren’t we cute?
  • Crate & Barrel – the white 5×7 frame fit perfectly with a favorite engagement photo of ours.

Gallery Wall 13 Gallery Wall 16 Gallery Wall 18 Gallery Wall 17And last, but certainly not least, we added a few more frames – again, in varying shades of brown or wood stain – before feeling confident with the overall look of the wall.

Handy trick: once you’re sure you like the placement of the frames, use adhesive mounting squares on one corner of each frame to ensure they won’t move if bumped.

We found the new frames at Pottery Barn – two 5×5’s and one with three 4×6 photos. We also added two of the same Target frames we used earlier. Gallery Wall 23 How to Create A Gallery WallThe finished project! ↑

As you can see, we didn’t have a perfect plan going into this project, and while we love how it looks right now, I’m confident the wall will see many changes in the years to come. For a gallery wall, I think that’s just how it should be!

Have any questions? Feel free to send them my way, I’ll kindly pass them on to Jeff. 🙂

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New frames…

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… door frames that is. Hold onto your hats kids, this is a wild one. hallway door frames 4When I last talked about our stairway (I swear, we’ll find a new project one day), I mentioned our door frames were, well, less than average height perfect. But since I can pretty much file this post under, “one only my mom will love” I’ll go ahead and make this quick. hallway door frames 1 hallway door frames 3Much of the old trim on the bathroom, master bedroom (I’m being generous calling it that) and linen closet doors were past the point of a fresh coat of paint – not to mention out-of-square (Jeff tells me that’s the technical term) – and needed to be removed completely. The new doors, which we replaced a few months ago, also needed to be cut down to fit properly. As my husband in all his infinite wisdom says, “it’s the perks of an old home.”

Thankfully, since that wise man of mine can pretty much fix anything, I’m happy to report that our door frames are looking quite nice these days. In fact, I’ll just let the shocking “before and after” photos do the talking. ↓ stairway door frame 7 before stairway door frames 7 afterShocked? I knew it. 😉

So in all honestly, the bedroom door frame isn’t quite perfect … hallway door frames 8… but is anything every really perfect? How boring would that be?

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Ready for prime(r) time…

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… well, not quite prime time, but that dreaded stairway of ours is ready for a good primer. And you thought this post was going to be thrilling, didn’t you? Paint PrimerWe all know mundane painting is a favorite past time in the Rebori/Simmons household. NOT.

Alas, it needed to be done. ↓ Paint Primer 2And while my wonderful, sweet (a few compliments never hurt anyone) husband was hard at work on the trim and the doors, I decided to offer some moral support. Paint Primer 3A job I’d like to think I excel at – that and listening to your husband when he tells you not to lean against the freshly painted bannister. ↓  2015-04-18 14.10.36-1Thankfully said husband and Goo Off were there to save the day.

I’m telling you if you need to get paint out of your clothes, this stuff works like a charm (not a paid advertisement, just telling you what I know. 🙂 ). Getting Paint of ClothesAfter that little diversion, Jeff (I decided to stay out of his way) got back to work priming away. The end.

Just kidding (sorta).

Because I’m aware that this post isn’t the most riveting, I’m not letting you leave empty-handed! Say what?

I thought I’d clue you in on a little trick Jeff uses when he paints the trim near our carpet. Per usual he lays down a plastic sheet, but additionally he’ll cut a small paper plate in half and then cut the two corners diagonally to create a homemade carpet paint shieldPainting Hack 2As simple as it looks.

See, it’s not everyday you learn a DIY trick for a product you probably never knew you needed.

As always, happy to help!

And guess what folks? The fun is resuming this weekend when we start to texture and paint the walls. I’ll be back with minute-by-minute updates. 😉

P.S. All photos taken with my phone and edited with Fotograf and VSCOcam

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