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Painting the kitchen… last weekend, following a DIY hiatus, we picked are trusty paint brushes up and got back to work. And despite our lack of enthusiasm at times, we made significant progress, but we’re not quite finished (story of our lives) … yet.

Quick detour: For fun – also, so I can feel good about how far we’ve come 😉 – here’s a few other projects we’ve tackled in our kitchen:

Okay, where were we? Oh yes, we made a complete mess of our kitchen in order to make it look better – funny how that works. Kitchen Renovation Painting 11We spent all Saturday and Sunday texturing, painting, caulking and sanding all the walls and trim. Sound familiar? We’ve done this same process in many of our other rooms, except this time we took the easier route and used spray texture from a can instead of hauling out the big spray gun. I’m happy to report it worked just the same, with less the hassle! Painting Kitchen 12Handy tip: if you’re like us and you installed trim a LONG time ago, but never painted it, and thus overtime it got covered in dust (I promise we clean, a lot), then Magic Erasers are just what you need! They work great for restoring surfaces to painting condition. (P.S. not a sponsored post, Mr. Clean has no idea this blog exist)Magic Eraser before Painting TrimSo, after a very tiring weekend we managed to paint the walls and almost all of the trim. Next up, finishing the ceiling!

But, since you made it to the end of this post, I’ll leave you with one “before and after” photo. Keep in mind, this isn’t the real “after” photo. Not only were these photos taken at different times of day, with different lighting, but we still need to add a little decor to the place, so don’t judge too harshly. 🙂 Kitchen Before and After 1What do you think? We really go wild with our beige paint colors, don’t we?

More photos coming soon!


Remodeling our bedroom (part 1)…

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Master Bedroom Before 3… this project kind of came out of the blue for us. We thought we’d decided a long time ago that our bedroom would be the last room we’d get to – simply because it didn’t feel as urgent – but then we found a new bed frame at a good price and that set the wheels in motion!

Here’s how the room looked at the start of our weekend. ↓ Master Bedroom BeforeAnd yes, we had the very best of Ikea (I feel it’s important I mention all furniture was purchased by Jeff prior to ever meeting me. 😉 ), with a dog crate as an accent piece. A decorating masterpiece!

I’m only kidding. It wasn’t all that bad. But, like I said, we found a bed frame we loved and now that we’re married and pretending to be adults, we thought we should give the room a more mature look. As a bonus, we’re transitioning Piper out of her crate, so we were able to get rid of that too!

Sidenote: I have a few bobbleheads and Architecture Lego’s I could sell you. 🙂

If you’re looking for a date idea, clearing out an entire room is a great way to spend your Friday night. I swear. Master Bedroom Renovation 10And as luck would have it , when you’re purging all your old stuff, you find two of the MANY non-working remote controls that were chewed by your puppy, turned slightly better behaved dog. There was a reason our cake topper featured Piper chewing a remote.

By Saturday morning we were ready to start working in the newly-emptied room. And, you know the drill by now … Master Bedroom Renovation… we spent the day covering, taping (Jeff’s favorite part 😉 ), texturing and painting.

By the end of the weekend, the room looked like this. ↓ Master Bedroom Renovation 9 Master Bedroom Renovation 8 Master Bedroom Renovation 7

I know, I know, we love creme walls. But, I promise we also have some color in store for this room!

And no, we didn’t forget to the paint the brown wall. I have a separate post coming your way about what exactly we did with that wall.

Hold onto your hats kids, lots more to share about this room!

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Finally some “before and after” shots of that stairway of ours …

| Making a house a home...

… you can stop holding your breath now.

I’m not gonna lie, I hope the title didn’t oversell this little post too much, because honestly, we’re not quite done with the stairway . But we’re nearly there, and I’m confident (at least  I’m pretty sure) you’ll like the changes.

Disclaimer: The lighting in this stairway is very difficult when it comes to good photos, so bear with me, or just come on over and see it in person. 😉 Stairway Before and After 2 Stairway Before and AfterWe’ve been spending many a weekend hours getting to this point – most recently we finished painting the walls, trim and ceiling. Hallelujah! Painting Hallway 1No thanks to a certain dog creepin’ on our work. ↓ Cosmo StairwayJeff also made us a new handrail (the old one had at least ten coats of paint) using a stain you might recognize. ↓ Stairway hand rail Stairway Handrail 2I can’t express it, but I’m still giddy with excitement over that handrail. I’m just easy to please I guess (said no one ever).

And last, but certainly not least, we said goodbye to our gold (hey there 1990) light fixtures once and for all! Hanging Hallway Light Fixture 2 Hanging Hallway Light Fixture Stairway Light Fixture 1If you look closely, you might notice our bathroom door doesn’t look quite right and you’d be correct. This is where the “mostly done” part comes in, because here’s what we still have left to do:

  • Finish painting the doors
  • Fix the trim around the bathroom and bedroom doors
  • Move the second light fixture (not pictured) on the side of the wall to the ceiling and later patch the hole and paint over it
  • Hang the gallery wall!! (The part I’m most looking forward to)

Oh, is that all that’s left?

This weekend we’re headed out west, but Memorial Day Weekend, Jeff and I have a big ol’ date with a that DIY list. It should be non-stop fun.

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