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A lesson for dog owners…

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Piper October 2015… I hesitated sharing this story on here (though if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve might have already read about it), because it certainly wasn’t our proudest moment as doggy parents, but I’m hopeful our lesson (really, a scare) will be your warning.

A few weekends ago – the day we installed our kitchen backsplash to be exact – Jeff was in our basement collecting the tools he needed for the day. Since we live in an old home, we’ve occasionally had mice, which we’ve used traps with poison to catch them. We thought we had properly disposed of the unused traps awhile ago, but unfortunately there was a packet of the poison we missed that unknowingly came out from behind our washer when Jeff pulled out another item he needed. He went upstairs to start working, but Piper – who had followed him to the basement – found the poison and proceeded to not only chew open the packet, but ingest a portion of it.

We think it was approximately twenty minutes later when Jeff found the chewed packet lying on our stairs. He quickly ran upstairs to tell me what he thought happened and we immediately called the vet’s office. They advised us to not only bring her in soon as possible, but to also call the ASPCA on our way to initiate a case file.

As we learned, the ASPCA keeps a database of the different types of poison, their effects and how best to treat an animal once they’ve ingested the poison. By starting a case file with them, they were then able to speak directly with our vet and consult them on how to treat Piper’s specific situation.

Since we’d acted quickly to get her to the vet, and only a short amount of time had passed since we’d found the open packet, the vet was able to induce vomiting (TMI?) to help our poor little babe get rid of the poison. That was honestly the hardest thing to watch. Talk about feeling like you’re the worst parent!

Thankfully, she was able to get it all out, but given the color of her vomit (I know, I know TMI) it confirmed she had ingested poison and it was critical we got her to the vet so quickly.

The vet was fairly confident she would be fine, but said she needed take Vitamin K for thirty days. The poison is an anticoagulant and Vitamin K helps to counteract that, and allows her blood to clot.

We’re truly thankful we noticed it so quickly, because we learned that if we hadn’t, it’s likely Piper wouldn’t have exhibited any symptoms for three to five days, and by then it would be much harder to treat. The type of poison she ate, which might kill a mouse instantly, would take many days to affect a dog of Piper’s size. The vet was kind enough to notice she’s a “bigger gal” – way to kick her while she’s down. 😉 I kid, she’s not embarrassed by her size.

Our little lady felt kind of crummy the rest of the day, simply from having to vomit 🙁 , but after that she was back to normal! She’s still on Vitamin K, but other than that she’s her same old sweet, cuddly, outgoing self.

It was certainly a scary and expensive lesson we weren’t expecting to learn, but it’s made us more cautious of all the toxins a dog can easily get into around the house. So if I can provide any word of caution – be sure to check your house thoroughly, especially if you at one time had mouse traps like ours. Although, Piper is out of the puppy stage, she’s still an inquisitive dog and when she saw the poison packet – something she’s never seen before – she was more than happy to go for it.

We’re so grateful she’s okay, but we’re also fully aware the situation could have had a much different outcome!

If you find yourself in the same situation, remember to act quickly and call your vet immediately.

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A pupdate…

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… see what I did there??

Last month (how is it already November!), I really dropped the ball on any and all updates here, especially with these three, so here’s a few photos to quiet the masses. 😉 Piper 11012015 1 Pearl 11012015 1 Cosmo 11012015 2 Pearl 11012015 2Sidenote: I know the photo below is out of focus and overexposed, but Cosmo’s smile (some might think it looks slightly scary) just gets me. Such a sweetheart. Piper and Cosmo 11012015 2Last weekend, Jeff spent all weekend chasing down the right subway tile for our kitchen, and I chased these three around the yard. It’s a fair trade, right?

But next weekend, we can and WE MUST get that new backsplash up, so I can finally show off our new countertops.

P.S. We dressed up Miss Pearl for Halloween, and I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


A Saturday with Sunshine, say what (!)…

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… Vitamin D, it does a person good. ↑ Hey girl, hey! ↑

This past weekend, our little crew decided to bask in the Spring sun, while trying to get a little work done around the yard … … some might’ve worked harder than others, but really, who’s keeping keeping score?

Except Piper, who’s like, “yep, I’m helping. This stick wasn’t going to move itself.” And Pearl … … when the bag of topsoil is 3x your size, you’re basically there for moral support.

But not when it comes to keeping up with the “big dogs” – the little lady has no fear. Don’t worry – this photo might look like they’re fighting, but I promise, it’s just how they play. Only love in this household. At least according to Piper and her totally convincing look. ↓ Although, contrary to popular belief (a belief I might be responsible for), the day wasn’t all about the dogs, because when the yard work was done that husband of mine grilled up a very delicious dinner (grilled cabbage, who knew?)! And the ladies of the house (myself included) we’re first in line to the feast. Thanks mother nature for a lovely Saturday. We’ll take a few more of those!

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