Digging out from the blizzard…

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…slowly, very slowly. In fact, as I type this our street has yet to be plowed, so in the last four days we’ve only been places within a half mile radius. I know, it’s a crazy life we live.

At least these two (↓) are still excited about the snow. Blizzard 2016 24I might be less so, but for posterity’s sake, a few photos as we continue to dig out from this crazy storm. Blizzard 2016 19 Blizzard 2016 15 Blizzard 2016 16 Blizzard 2016 23Blizzard 2016 21 Blizzard 2016 20 Blizzard 2016 17 Blizzard 2016 18What do you think (↑), should I start a winter fashion blog? I think I’ll stick to my day job … but first, allow me to make one recommendation – my coat is from here (last season) and it’s my favorite to date. Okay, now I’m really done giving fashion advice. 🙂


Just a super-original “Dogs in Snow” post…

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… because you’ve never seen one of these before – and of course, I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Cosmo and Piper Snowday February 2015And neither would these two. ↑

Pearl Snowday February 2015Or this little lady. ↑

Now, for you folks farther up north or out west, I won’t even pretend we got a ton of snow, but you know what? It was enough for a snow day! D.C.’s approach toward snow is to cancel early and often – a plan I appreciate. 😉

Snowday February 2015 2 Snowday February 2015 1So what do I do? I ignore Jeff’s, “you don’t have to get photos of every single thing,” attitude and relentlessly follow the dogs around the yard until I’ve captured approx. 5,980,903 photos. t’s totally normal and not the slightest bit obsessive.

Though in Pearl’s case, it’s more like two photos – her petite frame doesn’t have time for this cold nonsense.

See the New York sweatshirt she’s wearing that came with us from her foster home. 

Cosmo Snowday February 2015 2 Pear Snowday February 2015 2 Piper Snowday February 2015 2 Cosmo Snowday February 2015 1↑ Cosmo’s level of excitement wasn’t matched by other members of the household … namely my grumpy ol’ self and a sweatshirt wearing dog, but that’s if I were naming names.

Because a snow day is nice (no complaining about that part), but I’m ready for Spring whenever it decides to show up!

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Snow much fun…

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you know me, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

This past week, we got a surprising amount of snow. Like pile up and stick to the ground type, unlike the last few snow days we’ve had. And because Washington, D.C. tends to call snow days fairly quickly (I think we’re on snow day #3 since I started this little blog) I got to spend the day with these loves. Awe, it’s true, I love them.

2014 Snowday

I’m such a grouch when it comes to winter, but these three, well, I guess they make it just a little bit better.

But seriously Spring, are you there?

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