A Saturday with Sunshine, say what (!)…

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… Vitamin D, it does a person good. ↑ Hey girl, hey! ↑

This past weekend, our little crew decided to bask in the Spring sun, while trying to get a little work done around the yard … … some might’ve worked harder than others, but really, who’s keeping keeping score?

Except Piper, who’s like, “yep, I’m helping. This stick wasn’t going to move itself.” And Pearl … … when the bag of topsoil is 3x your size, you’re basically there for moral support.

But not when it comes to keeping up with the “big dogs” – the little lady has no fear. Don’t worry – this photo might look like they’re fighting, but I promise, it’s just how they play. Only love in this household. At least according to Piper and her totally convincing look. ↓ Although, contrary to popular belief (a belief I might be responsible for), the day wasn’t all about the dogs, because when the yard work was done that husband of mine grilled up a very delicious dinner (grilled cabbage, who knew?)! And the ladies of the house (myself included) we’re first in line to the feast. Thanks mother nature for a lovely Saturday. We’ll take a few more of those!

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Spring (?) yard work…

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Saturday was sunny and gorgeous. The perfect day to start our laundry list of projects in the yard. Did I mention the outside of our house needs some love too?

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

And then Monday happened…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I mean come on, when is the winter going to end?

So despite the glimmer of hope that Spring might finally be here, I thought I’d show you all exactly what we’re working with when it comes to our yard and patio. You’ve seen it from time-to-time in other posts, but here’s a closer look.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset front yard 1Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Now don’t get me wrong, I love how much outdoor space we have (if only we could move some of that inside), but we really need to fill in the brown patches with grass seed for the 100th time, possibly paint that red brick on our patio, and definitely do a lot more planting in both the front and backyard.

I have to admit, I tend to spend most of my time concentrating on what’s left on the inside of our house that I forget curb appeal’s sorta important, but only sorta. 😉 Good thing I have Jeff, who not only has a semi-greenthumb (I know, I know, he’s good at everything), but enjoys doing this kind of work. Now if only we can get enough spring days to spruce the place up a bit!

And like all the working projects around our house (there are many), I’ll of course keep you posted on our progress.

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Sunset, Spring, and softball…

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make for a great combination. And this past week, I caught the prettiest sunset at the Jefferson Memorial on my way to an office softball game on the National Mall.

Jefferson Memorial Sunset 2 Jefferson Memorial Sunset 3

While my softball skills are obviously critical to the team’s success, 😉 I couldn’t help snap a few photos of what started out to be a really nice spring evening in D.C. Rain eventually forced us to end our game early, but I managed to get a few photos in beforehand. I also got a hit, but hey, who’s counting?

Washington Monument
Not the prettiest look, but the Washington Monument needs some repairs after the “big” east coast earthquake.
John and Graeme
How cute are they? I adore them.
Softball on the mall 6
Our expert scorekeeper and “team owner.”
Softball On the Mall 1
Our fearless team leader.

Softball on the mall 2 Softball on the mall 4

We might not have won the game (or any so far this season) but, at least we got a pretty sunset out of the deal. There’s always next week!

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