Summer, would you mind slowing down(?)…

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okay, thanks! I mean, it’s mid-July already.

So yea, I’ve been terrible about keeping up with this little blog over the past month. Terrible. (Oh you hadn’t noticed? That’s either really good or really bad.)  I’m not sure if it’s because life is crazy, busy (but really, isn’t everyone’s?) or lack of motivation, or both, but I’m back with the potpourri of all updates!

So in addition to celebrating the Fourth of July, this month been filled with (and not really in chronological order)…

a Nats game,

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

where our seats were basically on the surface of the sun,

a going away party that was very fun at the time (late-night Dominos’ ordering kind of fun), but is now very sad because Andy (the tall drink of water in the photo below. sorry ladies, he’s taken 😉 ) has left us for the west coast,

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetthe cutest tea party themed bridal shower you ever saw,

Tea Party Bridal Shower 1

^^Remember that cute bride-to-be? I got to pop-over to her little Vegas shindig too! Now only a week and a half to go until she’s hitched!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetand getting to play tourist for the day with my sweet cousins Kathleen and Fiona.

Air and Space with Kathleen and Fiona

I’m wrapping up this recap with these two gals, because I have to say, seeing the sights through their eyes sure is adorable and fun.

Kathleen at Air and Space

Kathleen at Air and Space 2

Jeff,Kathleen,Fiona at Air and Space

^^Sorry for the blurry photo, but Jeff telling the girls about science (yeah, science! 🙂 sorry, my life has revolved around Breaking Bad episodes lately.) is just about as cute as it gets. Even I was like, “how do you know all of this?” That guy, he’s a keeper.^^

Having now lived in D.C. for five years – Jeff for much longer – we don’t take advantage of the museums like we should. I think it’s that way with any city you live in, but this day, we got the chance to pop in and out of the National Air and Space Museum and National Gallery of Art. And I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’d never been in the Gallery of Art before that visit. I loved it.

Van Gogh at National Gallery of Art_edited-1

^^Van Gogh. #NoFilterNecessary.^^

But, despite all the famous art and space artifacts, it turns out the moving walkway with the light-up ceiling was the best part of our day!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Though, I think the gift shops were a close second. Thanks for hanging out with us Kathleen and Fiona, you make sight-seeing fun!

Okay, I promise that it’s. If you made it to the end then you have a prize coming your way.

Just kidding.



The 4th of July, at least according to my trusty phone…

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and looking back, it seems like all we did was eat. But, what’s more American than that? 😉

fourth of july 2014I’m a woman of few words this post (shocked? don’t get used to it my friends.), but all I’ll say is, America, you’re great. You’ve aged like a fine wine.

Now, back to a little ol’ wedding diet. Three months to go. ONLY THREE MONTHS. Help!

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It’s just like that movie “Couples Retreat”…

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except, minus the tropical location and the whole talking about our feelings part. But hey, Lake Anna is not a bad substitute for meeting up with great friends, enjoying the sun, and drinking a few adult beverages (just a few).

CR 2013 1
What, you don’t have a wine koozie? You should probably get one.

So in this small world we live in, my best friend from high school, who also lives in D.C., happens to date Casey (pictured above) who’s good friend from high school Brandon, is one of Jeff’s good friends from college. Still following me? Basically, we have a little circle of friends from several walks of life, and having all that in common we decided to turn this get together into an annual thing! Second annual, to be exact.

CR 2013 8
Seriously, how cute are these ladies? My high school friend Amanda on my left, and Brandon’s sweet wife Lee on my right.

We met up at Jeff’s parents house on Lake Anna for the weekend and spent lots of time on the water,

CR 2013 12
They’re basically Simba and Nala.

CR 2013 9CR 2013 10indulging in great food and drinks,

CR 2013 7 CR 2013 3 CR 2013 6

Nothing like making a good S'more!
Nothing like making a good S’more!

and of course spoiling the dogs, Piper and Cosmo, and Amanda’s collie Wynter.

CR 2013 4Oh and because we’re all getting old, there was a nap or two in there.

CR 2013 5Love spending our summer with great friends, but it wouldn’t hurt if time slowed down a little bit. Now, it looks like it’s back to more home repairs. I’ll clue you in on a little project we’re working on later this week!


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