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What to Eat and Drink at Disney World… according to our “expert” unsolicited opinions in this not-so-groundbreaking post. 😉 Let me start by saying this one is heavy on the caloric intake and light on the money-saving tips – but hey, when in Disney World.

I did a little research ahead of time – mostly in the form of Pinterest – and it proved very helpful in planning what we wanted to try, even if we didn’t check off everything on our list (a good thing for our waistlines).

I’m starting with our favorites from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, because we split the two parks over one day, so there’s less to share. We spent an entire day at Epcot, basically eating and drinking (responsibly!), with a few rides mixed in. Since we weren’t traveling with any children, we probably prioritized parks and food differently than other families!

Disney’s Hollywood StudiosDisney's Hollywood Studio's Food and DrinkPictured: One of our favorites – Jeff’s parents agreed too – was the fried green tomato sandwich from Rosie’s All-American Cafe. This was one we didn’t seek it out or know about ahead of time, but it turned out to be one of the best things we ate!

I’m generally not a huge frozen margarita fan, usually because they’re too sweet, but I really enjoyed the one from Anaheim Produce.

Not pictured: The delicious, theme park/fair staple – a turkey leg. We got one from Toluca Legs Turkey Co.

Magic KingdomMagic Kingdom Dole WhipPictured: The infamous Dole Whip, which I’d read about on several blogs and definitely sought out at the park. You can find it at Aloha Isle and it doesn’t disappoint. We tried the Dole Whip in float form and it was refreshing and delicious!

Although they don’t serve alcohol at Magic Kingdom (how ever will I survive 😉 ), except for one restaurant, I read that you can get this treat in adult beverage form at the Polynesian Resort. We didn’t get a chance to try it, so if you have, let me know how it is!

Not pictured: The nachos at Pescos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. I’m not including these because they blew me away or anything, but the restaurant offers a great “fixins’ bar” with tons of toppings! You could make a meal out of that bar alone.

EpcotFood at EpcotPictured: Our favorites from the World Showcase, including churros with caramel sauce in Mexico, School Bread in Norway (a favorite I found on Pinterest, that didn’t disappoint) and fish and chips with Victoria Sponge Cake in England (they were truly some of the best I’ve had, a must try).

We found the buffalo blue cheese/sour cream and chive popcorn (a pinterest recommendation) at a cart in Future World. We got a scoop of each mixed together, and the combination was buttery, salty perfection.

Not pictured: You must go to Germany in the World Showcase and order a bratwurst and hand-twisted pretzel. I somehow didn’t get a photo of either (gasp!), but they were top of our list!

On the opposite end of the spectrum – and what I’m about to say might be somewhat controversial in the Disney circuit 😉 – but we were unimpressed with the bakery in France. I’d read about how good their pastries were, but we tried their macaroons and meringue cookie, and neither were good, especially the meringue … but that’s just my two cents. Epcot Top DrinksPictured: The many adult beverage options in the World Showcase, including the can’t miss Grand Marnier slush (top left photo) in France, which appears to be a favorite of many. Along with the Grand Marnier, we also tried the Grey Goose slush (not pictured), which was delicious and essentially a frozen lemonade. You can find them both at a kiosk.

As for wine, both Italy and France have great options at their kiosks and bars, including this stop in Italy.

And of course, when in Rome … err, Mexico a margarita is a must. Mango to be exact! Another good frozen margarita find that wasn’t too sweet.

Not pictured: Jeff appreciated the many beer options in Germany, England and Mexico.

For responsibilities’ sake, I feel I should note that we drank these drinks over many hours and did not drive home.

Whew, I think I got it all! If you’re judging us for all the food and drinks we consumed, I don’t blame you. I’m off to the gym, forever.

P.S. The mickey cake pop in the first image didn’t make the list, because it was way too sweet. We both ate one bite and decided we had enough. But I’m not gonna lie, it made for a good photo.

P.P.S All photos were taken with my iPhone 6s and edited with A Color Story.


Disney World (!) …

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Magic Kingdom 6… think of this as part one, because lord knows I took one too many photos on this little vacation of ours. 😐 I can’t help myself, especially in Disney World!

One thing’s for sure, whether you’re 13 (the age when I last visited) or 29, it’s a pretty magical place.

Since our trip was more of a long weekend (not that I’m complaining!), we divided up Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot over two days – spending the majority of our time at Epcot. Turns out, when you’re an adult, Epcot is a lot more fun, no thanks to the food and alcohol 🙂 … but there’s a whole post on that later.

For now, a few photo highlights from our time at Disney World. Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney's Hollywood Studios 3 Magic Kingdom 3As soon as we got to Magic Kingdom, we were hit with a downpour! But I’m telling you, even a little rain couldn’t put a damper on the thrill of being at Magic Kingdom.  Magic Kingdom 1 Frozen at Disney WorldAs a child of the nineties, I forget that Belle, Ariel and Cinderella are all princesses of the past, it’s all all about Anna and Elsa now – they were everywhere. Magic Kingdom 2Aren’t my in-laws the cutest? ↑Magic Kingdom 4 Magic Kingdom 7By this point in the day, we were a little gross and sweaty (don’t mind the non-existent makeup and crazy hair) – but hey, anytime I’m on vacation with this guy I’m happy. Epcot 1 Epcot 6Mexico → France → Japan in one day, it’s possible. 😉 Epcot 5 Epcot 2As much as I’d like to take credit for this last photo ↑, I stole it from Jeff’s phone. It was too pretty not to share.

I’ll be back later this week with our favorite food and drink choices from the Disney Parks, and a recap of our time at Harry Potter World, so stay tuned!

P.S. All photos were taken with my iPhone 6s and edited with A Color Story.

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Our Christmas vacation, including a road trip with three (!) dogs…

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… it wasn’t exactly Griswold style, but three dogs on a thousand-mile journey can certainly have its trying moments. Piper and Cosmo Christmas Car TripPiper Christmas RoadtripThankfully, they were all fairly well-behaved – and considering how much we saved NOT paying a dog-sitter for ten days, I’d say it was worth it – Jeff might have other thoughts. 😉

Two weeks ago, we headed west to Missouri for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with my family, and with the exception of a stomach bug that made the rounds, we managed to pack a lot into our ten-day trip.

Here’s a few highlights …
Pie Dough Cinnamon Rolls… you know it’s Christmas Eve, when my mom’s making her “famous” pie-dough cinnamon rolls.TwinsChristmas2015Also, the pitter-patter of little feet certainly added to the excitement around the house. Seriously, could they be any cuter? Probably not, which is why you’ll see A LOT of them in this little recap.

Including, our trip to the “Magic Tree” on Christmas Eve. Lee's Summit Magic Tree 3Jeff wasn’t completely convinced of the hype around a “tree with lights on it,” but two one-year-olds found it fascinating. Which lets be honest, that’s all that really matters.

I somehow managed to NOT take any photos on Christmas Day, so fast-forward a few days (after we’d all recovered from the plague) to our trip to the Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium …Twins at KC Sea Life ExhibitKC Sea Life 2And aside from watching their astonishment at everything, I ended up with approx. 1,408 photos of them looking at things for the scrapbook! You can never have too many. 🙂 Reagan at FritzsWe ended our little adventure with lunch at Fritz’s in Crown Center. If you’re not familiar with Kansas City, this little burger joint delivers your food via a toy train – real crowd pleaser with the age group we were dealing with, and maybe some adults too – not to name names.

And because I promise we socialized with adults while we were in Missouri, a few photos from one of my best friends very fun New Year’s Eve wedding!Emma's Wedding 1Emma's Wedding 2Is the back of that dress not gorgeous?

And how about that view? (↓)Plaza Lights from the IntercontinentalMany of the wedding events were held on the top floor of Intercontinental Hotel on the Country Club Plaza – as a KC native the Christmas Plaza Lights never get old. New Year's Eve 2016New Years Eve 2016It was the perfect way to ring in the new year, but I’m not gonna lie, the next day the thought of the long drive ahead of us, had us feeling like …Reagan Jan 2016… thankfully, we made it home safe and sound! Now, we’re almost ready to tackle the new year … almost.

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