Our Christmas vacation, including a road trip with three (!) dogs…

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… it wasn’t exactly Griswold style, but three dogs on a thousand-mile journey can certainly have its trying moments. Piper and Cosmo Christmas Car TripPiper Christmas RoadtripThankfully, they were all fairly well-behaved – and considering how much we saved NOT paying a dog-sitter for ten days, I’d say it was worth it – Jeff might have other thoughts. 😉

Two weeks ago, we headed west to Missouri for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with my family, and with the exception of a stomach bug that made the rounds, we managed to pack a lot into our ten-day trip.

Here’s a few highlights …
Pie Dough Cinnamon Rolls… you know it’s Christmas Eve, when my mom’s making her “famous” pie-dough cinnamon rolls.TwinsChristmas2015Also, the pitter-patter of little feet certainly added to the excitement around the house. Seriously, could they be any cuter? Probably not, which is why you’ll see A LOT of them in this little recap.

Including, our trip to the “Magic Tree” on Christmas Eve. Lee's Summit Magic Tree 3Jeff wasn’t completely convinced of the hype around a “tree with lights on it,” but two one-year-olds found it fascinating. Which lets be honest, that’s all that really matters.

I somehow managed to NOT take any photos on Christmas Day, so fast-forward a few days (after we’d all recovered from the plague) to our trip to the Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium …Twins at KC Sea Life ExhibitKC Sea Life 2And aside from watching their astonishment at everything, I ended up with approx. 1,408 photos of them looking at things for the scrapbook! You can never have too many. 🙂 Reagan at FritzsWe ended our little adventure with lunch at Fritz’s in Crown Center. If you’re not familiar with Kansas City, this little burger joint delivers your food via a toy train – real crowd pleaser with the age group we were dealing with, and maybe some adults too – not to name names.

And because I promise we socialized with adults while we were in Missouri, a few photos from one of my best friends very fun New Year’s Eve wedding!Emma's Wedding 1Emma's Wedding 2Is the back of that dress not gorgeous?

And how about that view? (↓)Plaza Lights from the IntercontinentalMany of the wedding events were held on the top floor of Intercontinental Hotel on the Country Club Plaza – as a KC native the Christmas Plaza Lights never get old. New Year's Eve 2016New Years Eve 2016It was the perfect way to ring in the new year, but I’m not gonna lie, the next day the thought of the long drive ahead of us, had us feeling like …Reagan Jan 2016… thankfully, we made it home safe and sound! Now, we’re almost ready to tackle the new year … almost.

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California Dreams…

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… so it wasn’t quite like the hit early 90’s, Saturday morning sitcom – a favorite in the Rebori household – but we can’t all be in a band and live in a cool beach house. Am I right? 🙂

Sidenote: please tell me you all know what show I’m talking about? My husband sure didn’t.

But I digress, because a week(ish) ago we headed across the country to sunny (albeit chilly) southern California! And in a shocking turn of events, I took a LOT of photos. Surfer's Knol Ventura BeachAnd lucky for you, I’m sharing some of my favorites! Luck’s the word, right? 😉 Santa Barbara 1 Santa Barbara 4 Santa Barbara 3We were actually there for Jeff’s cousin’s wedding, but since we arrived a few days early, we got a little extra time to explore.

I’m so glad we started in Santa Barbara, because if the pictures (↑) didn’t give it away – it’s stunningly beautiful.

Thankfully, I had a co-worker who went to school there – a far cry from my college experience in central Iowa – and he gave us plenty of tips for what to see and do. Santa Barbara 5Naturally, we decided to fill our day visiting the food and drink options suggested to us … and as fate would have it, a winery wasn’t too far away. ↓ Santa Barbara Winery 1 Santa Barbara Winery 2You know me and wineries – if they build it, I will come.

If you find yourself in Santa Barbara, you should check out French Press, Lilly’s Tacos, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company and Santa Barbara Winery. Aside from feeling tired (that might have been the beer and wine talking) and full, we thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Since we were staying in Ventura Beach, we were in a good location to visit a few different places, so the next day we headed south to a little town called L.A.

It was there we basked in the tourist trap that is Grauman’s Chinese Theater for approximately ten minutes … Hollywood… just long enough to snap a few photos of my freshly manicured toes and ever-so-stylish Teva’s (don’t hate, you know you love them too).

They just so happened to come in handy as were climbing the hill to the Griffith Observatory. ↓ Griffith Observatory 1jpgIt was definitely worth the climb (it really wasn’t that bad, I just like to complain), because the 360 degree views were stunning. Griffith Observatory 1 LA 1 Griffith Observatory 3And don’t let him fool you, he loves to have his picture taken. 🙂

But thankfully for Jeff, we had to make our way to Koreatown for a Korean BBQ rehearsal dinner – a nod to the bride’s heritage. Korean BBQ Los AngelesSpoiler alert: it was delicious. After all, we did both come from red-meat-loving states, so I was fairly confident Jeff and I wouldn’t hate it.

If you’re in L.A., I would recommend Dream Korean BBQ. The food was great, and thankfully the service was very helpful for a novice BBQ goer like myself.

It was a such a fun evening, ahead of the beautiful wedding the next day … Wedding at Surfer's Knol… officiated by none other than my funny, outgoing father-in-law (he’s been known to MC a good rehearsal dinner too). He offered to do this for his nephew Steve, and Steve’s beautiful new wife Terry – who clearly have no taste when it comes to choosing a good wedding backdrop. 😉

In all seriousness, the ceremony and reception were stunning. We had a great time celebrating the newly married couple! California 2California, you’re beautiful! Thanks for being such a kind host.

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Our Top 14 in 2014…

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Top 14 in 2014… I know, we’re real original with our countdown list over here, but why not relive this great year with all of you. You were a big part of it after all.

Disclaimer: We loved so many moments from this past year and it was very difficult to narrow it down to just fourteen!

So lets start get started, shall we?

14. Working on our wedding centerpieces and seeing them all come together on the big day! It probably goes without saying, but I couldn’t have done it without Jeff … story of my life. How we made the centerpieces, here, here and here.

13. Finally tackling that living room of ours.

I wouldn’t say it’s completely finished (is any home really ever finished?), but it definitely got some major love.

12. Of course those Cherry Blossoms in the spring!

While I tend to think they’re beauty never gets old, Jeff’s already begging me not to brave those crowds again this year. We shall see…

11. Tasting a little Virginia wine (just a little) not one, but two weekends this past winter.

I’ve heard that wine and friends make for the best combination, but again, that’s just what I’ve been told. 😉

10. Soliciting your help with a creative wedding hashtag (you didn’t disappoint) and then having so many of you share such fun photos of our entire celebration! So much so, many of your photos are now proudly on display in our home!

It helps when you have such photogenic friends and family.

9. Vegas, because who doesn’t love a little trip out west.

Especially, when there’s TWO beautiful brides to celebrate and a little ol’ Backstreet Boys concert attend. Not that we’re children of the 90’s or anything.

8. Jeff proving to me that garden work can finally pay off.

If this task were left up to me … well, I don’t even want to think about what it might look like.

7. Celebrating our other beautiful friends and their trips to the alter.

Really, could we be any luckier? Probably not.

6. Showering my oldest sister with love before she welcome two beautiful twins.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed they’re out of the womb (Shannon’s thankful for that part) and I’m obsessed with them. Proud/crazy aunt over here.

5. A certain younger sister of mine’s visit out east this past summer.

We’ll be starting her campaign for Congress very soon. Get out those checkbooks folks.

4. One of my very favorite weekends celebrating my upcoming nuptials with some of the best gals I know!

Virginia Wineries, a spa day, and a little evening out make for such a great time.

3. The rehearsal – well, mainly the dinner – before the big day!!

Family and friends taking the mic can seem like a scary thing, but I must say, it turned out to be very funny.

2. Our escape to the tropical island of Puerto Rico!

Do we get another honeymoon at the six-month mark? I think it should be required.

And finally – without further ado – our top moment of 2014! Something tells me you might’ve guessed this one already … Wedding 441. Tying the knot! What more can I say? (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

It was a great one!

Thanks for sharing in so many of last year’s memorable moments. We appreciate all your love and support!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015.

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