If I’m being honest (we’re all friends here, right?), I wasn’t always the biggest fan of dogs, or any animals for that matter. It wasn’t until I met Cosmo – at the time, Jeff’s three-year-old boxer – that I quickly (no one saw it coming) became a #CrazyDogMom. For the record, I blame it all on Jeff. Cosmo 11012015 2Cosmo is affectionately known as our “grumpy old man” (add him to the premature graying category) but truthfully, he’s just sweet and snugly with a a little grumpiness mixed in.But (and this is a big one) … after two years of dating, I begged and pleaded to get another dog. Piper 11012015 1Oh … how young and naive I was about the added work and stress puppies add to your life. But Miss Piper, she’s now almost out of her puppy phase (knock on wood), and we love everything about our crazy mutt/hound mix of a dog. Girl has a lot of spunk and sass to her. But why stop there? Pearl 11012015 1No, we wouldn’t want to do that. Because when I saw Pearl on a local rescue’s website, well I knew she just needed a home (Jeff wasn’t as quick to that realization) …… and a home she got! We added her to our little ragtag mix in January of 2015. And I guess “never say never,” but I think we’re good on our dog quota … for now. 🙂

I take LOTS of photos of these three. Feel free to follow along using this handy link!